Westcott Introduces the PocketBox Educational Flash Kit

Today, Westcott announced that they’ve teamed up with photographer Erin Manning to create the PocketBox softbox designed for hot-shoe flashes. Inside of these modifiers is a silver-reflective surface to help really channel that flash output. For reference, the Photogenic softbox I previously hacked to work with my speedlites has a silver beaded interior: which is a preferred option for many photographers. No word on whether or not the boxes have a beaded interior.

They come in three different varieties:

– The Round PocketBox is 8.5” wide (they liken it to a beauty dish almost)

– The Square PocketBox is 6” x 7” (like most softboxes).

– The Rectangular PocketBox is 8” x 12” is the big bertha of the trio; and designed for photographing couples (not exactly pocket-sized)

When you purchase the kit for $49.90, you get a snazzy instructional video with Photographer Erin Manning.

Here’s a quick intro video to the system