Please Welcome Travis Lawton to the Staff

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It’s a great honor to officially welcome Travis Lawton to the staff of The Phoblographer. Travis has guest posted for us for a little while now and has finally come aboard as the Lead Reviewer, Jr.

Travis Lawton is an up and coming Seattle based photographer. He shoots everything from commercial, weddings, portraits, newborns, music, landscapes, to pretty much anything that lands in front of his lens. Adding credit to his wide range of talent, he has been photographing for about 5 years, professionally for around 2 of those. Travis is the principle photographer for a Seattle-based music management company and his work has been purchased for use on book covers. Plus, he’s been commissioned to create advertising material for local businesses, and has a loyal client base.

Travis joins Mike and I as Canon photographers on staff, and has a fascination with lighting.

I say this in all honesty: this guy’s work makes mine look absolutely horrid; and it’s an honor to have him on staff.

You see his portfolio on his website at More of his “everyday” work can be found on his Facebook page, Flickr or Blog.
You can also contact him at TravisLawton[at]thephoblographer[dot]com
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Chris Gampat

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