How You Can Help Keep The Phoblographer Alive

I’d never thought that I’d go so far as to write a posting like this, and even as I type this I’m absolutely terrified of the reaction that I may get. However, I’m a believer in karma, and I’ve only tried to do good in my life. I have no right typing any of this, but I’ve been proven time and time again that nothing comes unless you try or ask.

There comes a point in every siteowners life where they do something like this. I’ve seen lots of my competitors, friends, and acquaintances do this.

I’ve been the owner of this site for around a year and a half now, and I’ve seen it sprout from a small blog that followed #MusicMonday twitter trends to pull in traffic with concert photography, to what will soon turn into a full site and resource. I’ve faced challenges along the way though: the staff has evolved (though many of the former writers are still good friends of mine), monthly site fees, The Phoblographer suffered from a DDoS attack at a moment of extremely good potential (our Fuji X100 review), ideas run dry sometimes, we look for products that we haven’t reviewed, Google changed their pageranking system which forced siteowners to rethink their strategies, I’ve dealt with another attack from the outside, and I’ve been the constant friend to staffers and former staffers as they go through hard times in life.

What has hurt the most though is seeing our revenue dwindle. I’m in no position to ask anyone for resources, and even when commentors are so grateful for the kind and friendly nature that I help them with, I respectfully decline their offers of donations to the site. As it stands at the moment, I will not take donations—I’ve always believed in providing free content to our readers and having all of said content live on the web.

So what can you do to help us?

For starters, the site makes its money through affiliate sales. More specifically, it’s also how staffers are paid. For example, if Mike writes a posting, he uses his own unique affiliate links and codes to Amazon and B&H. If he helped you, you liked the posting, or you connect with him, you can support him by clicking said links in the postings and making a purchase. If he links to a 5D Mk II, you don’t have to purchase a 5D Mk II. If you simply click the link and then peruse the site to go purchase baby food, CDs, books, video games or anything, Mike will receive a commission on that item at no extra cost to you.

The same applies for Sander-Martijn, the site’s Education Director.

And the same also applies for me. As the one who runs this site on a day to day basis and manages the entire operation, clicking the banners on the sides also helps me out.

But even if you’re not purchasing anything, there are other ways to help us. You can comment more, tell us what you want to read about, click the social media (Facebook Like, tweet, stumble, etc.) buttons.

But most importantly, you can keep coming back. I’ve worked hard to build relationships with readers, and I recognize many of you when you comment.

I’ve only had good intentions, and my only intention is to keep having good intentions.

But all I ask for is help.

And even more, I ask for your forgiveness as I apologize for having to write this posting.

Now, I hit the publish button in WordPress, only hoping that all I’ve given you is my best.



Chris Gampat

Editor in Chief

The Phoblographer.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.