Review: Acme Made Union Ultra Zoom Camera Bag

It just so happened that the Acme Made Union Ultra Zoom camera bag ended up in my hands. The company, who is seemingly affiliated with Lowepro in some way, shows great knowledge in their design of camera bags for different niche photographers. The Union Ultra Zoom is a small camera bag that seems to be the softshell turtle of the bunch for Micro Four Thirds, superzoom, Sony NEX and other small camera owners.

Technical Specifications

  • Sized to fit new ultra-zoom and mirrorless interchange lens cameras.
  • Dedicated pocket for batteries or other small accessories.
  • Quick-access lens pocket for easy storage and retrieval.
  • Multiple carrying options: adjustable shoulder strap and rear belt strap.
  • External Dimensions

    Height: 6″ | 15.2cm
    Length: 4.75″ | 12.1cm
    Width: 4″ | 10.2cm
    Internal Dimensions
    Height: 5.7″ | 14.5cm
    Length: 4.25″ | 10.8cm
    Width: 3.5″ | 8.8cm
    Weight: .3lb | .136kg

Built Quality

On the outside, the Acme Made Union Ultra Zoom is a lightly armored infantry soldier that you’d send in right behind your front lines into the field of battle. In the above photo, it’s right next to my Olympus Pen Premium Leather Case. The case on the right is nowhere as sturdy and can’t hold anywhere as much as the Ultra Zoom case can, but it’s quite a bit sexier with its retro styling look.

Nontheless, the Ultra Zoom camera bag doesn’t seem like it was designed for sex-appeal, it was designed to do work.

On the back of the camera bag is a belt strap that can attach onto your belt, the strap of anothercamera bag, etc. So to be clear: if you’ve got a larger camera in another camera bag, you can strap this onto the camera bag’s strap.


Inside of this quasi-clam shell is a heck of a lot of room. It can hold your super-zoom camera, Micro Four Thirds Camera, Sony NEX camera, Fuji X100, rangefinder, etc. When I put my EP-2 in there, the camera bag still had lots and lots of room for other things. I saw this as both a plus and a minus. It’s a plus because I can stuff whatever else I want to in there. It’s a minus because I don’t want my camera to move around a lot while it’s inside. When I took it around for a photowalk, it didn’t seem to matter too much as the camera still stayed relatively secure.

On the side of the above photo is a little pocket to hold an extra battery, SD cards, microfiber cloths, etc. The design of the bag is to naturally curve around to protect the camera in what’s seemingly like a clamshell case, but more pliable. If I were to take this camera bag around on a photowalk or into a large crowd where it may get bumped, I know the camera inside will be protected.

This is a camera bag for the traveler, OCD protective photographer, the photographer with kids, and the photographer that wants to carry a lot of stuff in a very small package. With that in mind, it isn’t necessarily for me just yet because of the fact that I already have a Olympus Premium Leather case and I’m very happy with it.

If I didn’t have said case, you’d have to rip this out of my cold, dead hands.

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