Field Review: Olympus EPL-2 (Day 4)

Like the other Olympus cameras, the EPL-2 features Art Filters. In Day 3, we tested the video abilities out a bit, and today we explore the art filters. Overall since Day 1, the experience of using the camera has still been very positive, and as we saw in Day 2, the camera still makes an excellent casual and street photography camera. Note that the Art Filters in the Olympus EPL-2 look very similar to that of the E-5’s Art Filters.

Here’s a minor quirk that I encountered: when using the Art Filters, the camera took the photo and then applied the filter. During this rendering period, the Live Preview didn’t show me the effects that the filter would have on the image. Additionally, the preview becomes jittery and slow; except in Pop Art and Grainy Black and White mode.

Gear Used

Olympus EPL-2

Olympus 17mm f/2.8 Lens

Olympus VF-2 Electronic ViewFinder (Black)

Art Filters

Pin Hole


Soft Focus

Grainy Black and White


Dramatic Tone

Pop Art


Pin Hole

My favorites are Pin Hole, Diorama, and Dramatic tone. The rest: they’re a bit bland. Olympus could have done a bit more with them.

Would I ever use these? That’s the major question. And the answer: yes.

I’ve accepted that with the EPL-2, I can shoot great JPEGs and not worry a whole load about editing RAW files in Lightroom 3. If I were shooting for fun, I’d use the filters that I stated were my favorite previously.

Now, note that I stated that I would probably not use them with the E-5. However, the E-5 feels like it was made to be my workhorse. The EPL-2 feels like the total opposite.

Art filters in Video

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