Field Review: ExpoImaging Ray Flash (Day 2)

We gave our initial thoughts on the ExpoImaging Ray Flash in Day 1, so what is it actually like in use? I asked former Premium Compact Specialist Will Greenwald to be my model one night for this strobist test. The following photos are the results of that night of shooting. All photos were not post-processed in order to show the most true-to-use results.

Gear Used

Canon 7D

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash

ExpoImaging Ray Flash

Images and Analysis

Will has loads of weird, geeky, and awesome toys at his place and his walls are decorated like a Nintendo lover’s dream. The Ray Flash was used with the flash on-camera for most of the time. Though there were instances were I took it off an tried to use it as a softbox.

This was a quick test to see if we could get his lightsaber to actually appear red in the photo. We failed, i.e, I failed. It’s a red saber.

The Ray Flash stays on very securely to the 580 EX II, which is always very important. I don’t believe this one will ever fall off. The Orbis had fallen off at least once during my review.

The Ray Flash can definately give you some really cool results in your photos when used and fired directly at the subject. Granted, you will need to tinker with the power output levels.

No matter, it’s still a pretty darn powerful flash modifier. And it’s a pleasure to use and carry.

When using it as a softbox and off-camera, I felt that it closely mimicked the look of a snoot. Snoots tend to give off a spotlight look, and that’s exactly what this one did.

More tests to come! Let us know what you want us to test this on in the comments below.

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