Why the Pentax K-x Makes A Stellar Holiday Gift

The K-x in Red

Sure, the Pentax K-x isn’t new and the K-5 and K-r seem very promising. But for the price point, this little camera is quite the bang-for-your-buck DSLR. Recently, I’ve been on the lookout for another camera system as a compliment to my Canon cameras. I almost pulled the trigger on a Nikon D3000 only to realize that it doesn’t have a lot of the features I really want. Then I remembered the Pentax K-x; and the reasons why it is the best entry level DSLR you can get this holiday season is below the jump.

Before I go on, why another system? Photography has become very simple with the Canon system and I want a challenge again. Using the limitations of an entry-level DSLR will help me get that challenge back. It makes a lot of sense to buy a Nikon because I’d have the versatility to switch between the two most popular systems that readers love on this blog. Additionally if I’d want to upgrade in the future, Nikon has a full frame line of cameras. However, Nikon’s entry level DSLRs have never tickled my fancy and I don’t want to spend an excessive amount. To be fair, the D3s almost made me switch systems.

Why not Sony? I demand wireless flash control and if I’m shooting for fun then I don’t really care about video. Why not go back to Olympus? Because Olympus isn’t a challenge for me since I used to use their products before switching to Canon.

Then why not Leica? While I respect everything that Leica does I cannot justify their costs at this moment in my life. Besides, the Pentax K-xis at a good price right now at Amazon.

12.4MP CMOS Sensor with Great High ISOs

The Pentax K-x has a 12.4 MP APS-C CMOS sensor with ISO performance that puts the predecessors to shame. Indeed, it is even better than some competing model cameras. If you’re shooting for fun or don’t plan on doing excessive cropping then the K-x is more than good enough. Olympus and Nikon have been saying that 12MP is enough for a while and in truth, 8MP was actually enough.

Couple the count of all those teenie-weeny pixels with their ability to do high ISO shooting very well and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Oh yeah, plus it’s in a small body.

4.7 FPS is More Than Many People Need

Everyone wants that faster frame rate but these people are also the ones that will probably not even use it most of the time. When shooting a wedding or events, my 5D Mk II and 7D are always on single shooting mode. Only during concerts do I turn on continuous shooting and end up deleting loads and loads of images.

For my purposes, 4.7 FPS is enough. If I were shooting wildlife as well, I’d perhaps be able to nail the shot in 1-3 max.

Now don’t misunderstand me: I don’t shoot sports. If I were shooting sports then I’d need the 11fps of the 1D Mk IV.

Wireless Flash Control in an Entry Level DSLR

I love Canon’s wireless flash system, and to be able to have that in an entry level body is just amazing. This is almost unheard of. This means that if I ever do want more advanced lighting then I can get it with this body.

Pentax Lenses are Yummy

Pentax lenses are well regarded in the photo community and always have been. Brand new, they can be a bit costly. However, searches on Craigslist can help you find them for significantly less.

It Comes in Colors

Because the camera comes in colors like red and white, those around you won’t take it as seriously as a big black DSLR. That’s a weight off my back when trying to photograph people at times.

Oh, and it will be much different than everything else out there, which I want.

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