Photography for the Third Season, Autumn

Exposure 0.002 sec (1/500) Aperture f/1.4 Focal Length 24 mm ISO Speed 500 Exposure Bias -1/3 EV

Here we are, in the fall—the interlude between summer and winter. It is a thrilling time for photography because now we have fall colors, leaves changing from green to red and yellow. Fall foliage is going to be and full swing soon and there is no time to waste.

Celebrate Color

Exposure 0.025 sec (1/40) Aperture f/11.0 Focal Length 120 mm ISO Speed 100

Get out there and photograph the autumn leaf colors. It is the time of year when one red leaf can flicker like a match held to a dry branch, and the whole world goes up in orange and gold. Use your available light and the rule of thirds in the composition of your photos. Don’t just take a picture of the first thing you see. Take a minute and look at the details of your surroundings, it will help you produce a better photo.

Get Close

Exposure 0.002 sec (1/640) Aperture f/1.8 Focal Length 50 mm ISO Speed 250

All of your fall photography does not have to include colorful images of tree ranges. As a photographer you can immensely improve the creativity of your shots by getting close. You can define your subject by taking a moment to to get as close as possible and steadying your shot. If you’re shooting macro, try using a tripod to keep your shot as still a possible. You can reveal a lot about your subject this way. Shooting up close these shots I like to use my Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AFbecause I can physically get up close and get nice depth of Field and I also like to use my Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 SLD DG Macro Lensin macro mode because I can bring out intimate details of my subjects.

Get Wide

Exposure 0.002 sec (1/640) Aperture f/1.8 Focal Length 35 mm ISO Speed 125

If you’re going to shoot landscape, with the trees in their autumn beauty, woodland paths dry, it’s important to take time and take in your whole environment before you shoot. You are going to want to you have as much depth of field as possible to bring in as much detail as you can. Let the weather and the time of day be your friend, cloudy sky’s during golden hour can lead to dramatic images. If you have a good foreground, use it will give you photo more interest and give it depth also. For these shots i like to use my widest possible lens. My widest lens is my Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-Slens. if you have anything wider it is suggested. I also like to use my tripod, get it as low to the ground as possible to try to maximize the scale of the landscape.

Have Fun

Exposure 0.2 sec (1/5) Aperture f/5.6 Focal Length 50 mm ISO Speed 320

The fall gives you that opportunity to have a lot of fun color before the drab greyness of winter sets in (I am not a fan of winter). It still warm enough not to dress too heavily, get out there and shoot while you can. Feel free to share your images with us in our Flickr group.

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Gevon Servo

Gevon Servo aka @GServo is an eclectic, NJ/NY Photographer. He’s a Nikon shooter, by choice nevertheless, will always test any piece of photography equipment. He believes that like ‘Photography’, ‘Coffee’,’Beer’ and ‘Comics Books’ and other things ‘Geek’ “You must try everything once to discover what you want to try again.