Field Review: Panasonic GF-1 (Day 3)

The GF-1 has accompanied me almost everywhere I go. The image quality is decent, and so far the best part of it all seems to be just how well the camera has been designed. But today, we’re taking a look at the full ISO range.

Author’s Note: I received a complaint about this test. I actually did it for the reason of showing how much detail can be obtained in an ill lit area over the various ISOs while also trying to balance how much detail is retained against the in-camera noise reduction. Believe it or not, that area even makes my 7D get cranked up to 1600 or above.

ISO 100

ISO 100 100% crop

ISO 200 100% crop

ISO 400 100% crop

ISO 800 100% crop

ISO 1600 100% crop

ISO 3200 100% crop


As the ISO range increases beyond ISO 400, one starts to see significant loss of detail in the images. At a full size though, they don’t look that bad when sized for the web as these were. They are more than usable actually and if the user pleases, a bit of Lightroom of Photoshop processing will work out just fine.

Granted, users of the GF-1 may perhaps always want to keep a fast lens on the camera to keep the ISO range down.

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