4K Video Comes to YouTube

Mind = Blown right now

According to the YouTube Blog, YouTube announced today that they will support the 4K video format. For those of you not familiar with the tech lingo, 4K is around 4x the size of HD video (HD = appx 1,000 lines of resolution. 4K = appx 4,000 lines of resolution.)

In Google’s exact words, “At 4096 x 3072 pixels, 4K is nearly four times the size of 1080p. To view any video in a source resolution greater than 1080p, select “Original” in the video quality pulldown menu.”

Viewers can take a look at how amazing 4K video is by checking out this playlist of users that created films in the format.

For what it’s worth, 4K is the resolution that RED cameras and other professional cinema cameras shoot at. The ability to stream this much information over the web requires tremendous amounts of server power. On your side, it will require an extremely fast cable-modem or a helluvalot of patience.

Videographers/Photographers: Does this mean that the time to upgrade your DSLR rig is right around the corner?

Via YouTube Blog.

Chris Gampat

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