Cheap Photo: Free Lesson at Web Photo School

Everyday I’m going to try to bring you cheap deals in the photography world. If you have something that you’re selling or offering, please email me at ChrisGampat[at]

Today, Web Photo School is offering a free lesson to its readers: Hot Rod Pin-Up Portraits. Written by guest contributor David Perry, the lesson takes you through how to light your model properly and comes complete with strobist diagrams. Be sure to check out the videos as well.

The awesome part: it’s all done with a Canon 20D. So that means you don’t need something like a 5D Mk II to do this work. Check it out when you get a chance. (Warning: SOME PHOTOS NSFW)

Link us to some of your own work in the comments below or let us know about your photo deals that you may find.

Chris Gampat

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