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Most of the emails we receive from readers merit a quick response, since they’re usually something gear-related. Occasionally, we get an email that calls for a much longer response because of the question’s depth. This email comes in from Sharon Eylward who noticed that most of the photographs on this site are street photographs in which the people are unaware of the camera. Sharon wants to know how to practice street photography “without getting punched in the nose”.

It’s taken a while to figure that out, but here’s our answer.

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Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been in the midst of a photo365 project in which I make an image a day for each day of the year. I make far more than one image per day, but the daily goal is to find one image that stands above all the rest. This practice keeps me in a constant state of photographic awareness, and it forces me to look for new ways to make images. This has largely been a street photography project in NYC, and with little thought, the images can become repetitive. Over the past two and a half months, I’ve rethought composition as I got to know my city better.

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Daniel Arnold's Instagram feed

For many, photography is more than just a hobby, more than just a passion. It can be a state of mind, even a way of life. For those that cannot think of doing anything but taking pictures, a career as a photographer may be the only viable option. However, being a professional photographer and actually making a living from your photography are two entirely different things. This is what “the best photographer on Instagram“, Daniel Arnold, had to realize on the eve of his 34th birthday, when he was left with less than $100 in his bank account.

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“What kind of glass are you using?” or some variant of that almost always follows the camera question when I talk with other photographers. There are some who would rather not talk about gear because it’s about the image, not the tool, but having been a reviewer for quite some time now, I’m just as interested in the means as I am about the ends. If you asked about my glass six months ago, I’d point to whatever I had mounted on my a580, which could have been anywhere from a 12mm fisheye to the venerable 70-210mm f4 beer can. For the past several months, I’ve been shooting almost exclusively with the Fujifilm X-E2 and 35mm f1.4, and the experience has been both challenging and rewarding. [click to continue…]

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For those of us still in the bitterly cold areas, street photography isn’t necessarily at the top of the list, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your camera with you. There are always moments to be photographed regardless of the temperature outside. Here some quick tips to help with your street photography. [click to continue…]

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We all know about Brandon Stanton and his success story, about how he took to the streets of New York City as an amateur photographer with barely any money in his pocket after losing his high-powered job and emerged as one of the most of the most influential street photographers today.

And we all know about his little (and by little, I mean with over 2.8 million followers) Facebook project called Humans of New York. We all love it, we all crave for it, we’ve made it into a household name. Many of us even bought the book. It’s probably because it’s like the ultimate people watching and then some. With HONY, Brandon takes us to the streets of THE city and draws our attention to its individuals, whether normal-looking or the gaudiest, with his moving photographs. As if that isn’t enough, he also gives us glimpses to these individuals’ lives, their emotions, their struggles, by adding short quotes from them – a brilliant move that made his images even more endearing to the general population.

Inspiring, breathtaking, and at times, funny, there’s no denying that HONY is one of Facebook’s most wonderful success stories. So it’s not surprising at all that the social networking site, a success story in its own right, has chosen HONY as one of the 10 stories to feature in celebration of its 10th anniversary. And the video they made for it is almost as affecting as Brandon’s New York City portraits.

Take a look at the short after the jump.

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