The ONA Savannah Bag is Designed to Fit a Variety of Cameras (And Stuff)

ONA has just announced a brand new camera bag: the ONA Savannah. This is a smaller camera bag not designed to hold a whole lot of stuff and instead really targeted at the photographer who has a small kit on them and worries about the whole editing process at a later time frame. The bag is made of all leather and has a foam padded interior, magnetic closure, and zip pockets.

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Review: Cokin RIVIERA Classic Tripod

One of the biggest problems the photography industry has faced is selling tripods. In fact, it seems that with both lens and sensor based image stabilization seeming to work together, some may argue that you may not need a tripod. And indeed, for many photographers out there, you probably don’t need a tripod for your work. Landscape photographers and long exposure shooters will more than likely always need it. But the rest…

Maybe that’s why Cokin developed the Cokin RIVIERA Classic. You see, this isn’t a standard run of the mill tripod. Indeed, it isn’t a tripod you need per se, but it surely is a tripod you’ll want.

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This Monstrosity of a Canon AV-1 Can Be Yours for $41

Before you actually read this post, note that the Canon AV-1 we’re talking about doesn’t actually work. In fact, it’s being sold for parts.

But good Lord, who the hell does this to a camera? The Canon AV-1 in the pictures is currently on eBay and shows the workings of someone who decided to try a bit too hard here. You see, there is a leather finish that has been applied–and at the end of the day it looks more like a shoddy job of someone who tried to apply clay to the camera.

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Kimi Camera Straps are Made from Vintage Kimono Silk and Leather

Lots of camera straps these days are typically made of really nice leather, canvas or sailing rope. But a brave new Kickstarter is trying to do things a bit different. Kimi Camera, run by William Roy, is trying to create camera straps made of vintage Kimono silk and leather. This is completely different from everything else out there and quite honestly is sort of refreshing.

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The Cokin RIVIERA Classic Emulates the Look and Feel of Vintage Tripods

It’s been years and years since we’ve seen any true major innovation in tripods. But Cokin is doing it: the Cokin Riviera is a tripod designed to look, feel and function like vintage tripods. We’re not talking 1970s: but try 1800s. With that said, it incorporates wood and leather into the design.

True to the classic vintage design, Cokin is incorporating wooden knobs, metal dials, and is overall meant to work in conjunction with lots of the vintage/retro designed cameras of today. The wood is Ikoro and the handle (which is made from said wood) is crafted in France. The wood joins knurled aluminum and brushed aluminum for the design and leather to create the tripod. All of these go into the head, which Cokin describes as multi-action with a 360° plate

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Cheap Photo: Leather & Canvas Bag Deals To Die For

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a better bag to carry my gear around in. The problem with many dedicated camera bags is that they aren’t good for much else, and the configuration can be limiting. A great alternative is buying a bag insert and using any bag that it fits in to carry your gear – and the best part is you can still carry other things too because its still a normal bag if you take the insert out.

Cheap Photo Deal Highlights

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The ONA Bowery for Leica is Designed for Leica Cameras


Today, ONA is announcing a brand new collaboration with Leica. No, this isn’t another Berlin camera bag, but instead it’s a brand new version of the Bowery. This version, called the ONA Bowery for Leica, has a full grain leather exterior that looks like its been used and abused just a tad–which many photographers may like. It also sports brass hardware, which means that it will ve very durable in use. This bag is designed for Leica M, Leica Q, and Leica T, Leica X, and Leica SL cameras. More specifically, the Bowery for Leica can carry a camera and one or two extra lenses. Of course though, feel free to stuff your Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus or Panasonic gear in there.

There’s also another new feature according to the press release, “Thanks to a detachable strap, the Bowery for Leica can be used as a stand-alone camera bag or as a insert to protect camera gear in a larger bag.”

Want one? It will cost $279. More images are after the jump.

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