Time to Meet Some of the Most Gorgeous Olympus Trip 35 Cameras Ever!

These Olympus Trip 35 cameras were given beautiful leather skins, and they still work!

Universal truth: These cameras are stunning. The Olympus Trip 35 is already one of the most coveted Olympus film cameras on the market. The 40mm f2.8 lens that comes with it offers a truly compact camera experience. These ones, in particular, have been given new life with new leather skin. Better yet, there’s an assortment of colors. We could easily see a photographer with one of these slung around them at a party. These cameras are statement pieces for sure. They tell you that the photographer using them cares about the way that they carry themselves. Of course, it tells others that you’re a photographer too. And also, very importantly, it tells folks that you stand out from the crowd. The Olympus Trip was designed to go anywhere and everywhere with you. There’s a great reason why over 10,000,000 units were sold.

The Olympus Trip 35 was a truly awesome camera for the time. Here are some important facts:

  • It boasted a 40mm f2.8 lens.
  • Solar-Powered Selenium light meter
  • Program automatic mode and shooting at either 1/40th or 1/200th
  • Simple to use four position zone focusing lens
  • ISO 25 to 400. Some earlier models shot at a maximum of ISO 200

That’s right, this was one of the world’s first solar-powered cameras. It was meant for you to be out in the sun. It’s a brilliant and novel idea. I doubt it would work with today’s cameras, though.

Here’s what 35mmc says about it:

“Regardless of these limitations, this Olympus Trip 35 is fun. With this little Trip 35, you can leave the focus at infinity (the mountain symbol), raise the camera to frame, and snap away.  It is so simple, so liberating. I can take it with me on the bicycle, stop where I see something interesting, and snap a photograph.”

There’s a ton of them that user stry-38 is telling too. And they all have different colors. Each will appeal to a variety of personalities, wardrobes, and much more. As we said earlier, the cameras are in working condition too! Take a look.

Ash Pink: The simplicity with this one is stunning. It deserves a black leather strap slung around your neck. It should always be in front of you.

Black embossed Crocodile leather: If you’re a fan of watches, you’ve probably been familiar with crocodile/alligator leather. They’re very comfortable.

Blue Flower Print: Come on! You could easily rock this around your neck on vacation with sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt.

Cocao: If you’re looking to stand out, the Cocao version is the case. Best of all, these aren’t expensive cameras. They’re just hard to come by. So you shouldn’t feel too afraid to stand out.

Charcoal Grey: For the person that prefers the slightly more stealthy look. I know I’ve got a ton of clothing and accessories that could match this.

Rugato bright green: Honestly, this sort of emerald color has to be one of the more stunning ones they have.

Smokey Pink: I adore the slightly maroon/burgundy look. If you’ve got pants this color, this camera will match well.

Rugato Wine: The wine color is also pretty stunning.

Pink Tweed: Then, there’s the camera that we started this blog post with. It stands out to me quite a bit. The pink contrasts against the silver and black so much. I have a tie that would match this super stylish camera.

All images from the listing are from stry-38.

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