Laine Ellison’s MILK Portraiture Draws Inspiration from 70’s Disco Era Luxury

All images by Laine Ellison. Used with permission.

“I got into photography by originally (shooting) landscapes wherever I traveled, but never did anything serious with them because I felt as though it wasn’t my niche.” explains photographer Laine Ellison in an email to the Phoblographer. O’ne day a friend and I decided to go out and shoot around with some portraits and that’s when I truly became passionate about photography.” Like a lot of other photographers out there, this was only the beginning. Laine truly was and still is inspired by the creation process involved with portrait photography. A lot of this is evident in her particular style which she states draws influence from the 70’s luxury and extravagance.

The glitz. The Glam–it’s all there.

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Ali Choudhry’s Portraits Convey Edgy Characters in Everyday People

All images by Ali Choudhry. Used with permission.

“I started photography about 7 years ago when my partner gifted me a camera for Christmas.” photographer Ali Choudhry tells us in an email. “I had recently lost my possessions in a house flood and this was his way of getting me back into art as I often mentioned some of the things I’d lost.” Ali specifically says the word art because of his portraiture process involving the specific creation of photos, not their capturing. When Ali sent his initial email, I could from the words that he was holding back from showing us some of his best work–and instead being timid to show off all the work that every other photographer has out there on Instagram.

But I asked him to resubmit–and was pleasantly surprised.

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The Fujifilm X Pro 2 and Fujifilm X-T2 Are Getting 33 Massive Updates

One of the absolute best things that every Fujifilm X Pro 2  and Fujifilm X-T2  owner can say about their camera is that with every firmware update, it seems like Fujifilm is giving them something akin to a slightly upgraded and revamped camera body. This has been present in the thoughts of Fujifilm camera users for a while now; so with the news of new big firmware updates coming, it’s time to get excited again. The news, which broke via FujiRumors, is bound to have a lot of Fujifilm camera fans excited.

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Review: Alien Skin Exposure X2 (Slightly NSFW)

In this world that we are in now with Adobe virtually refusing to fix the simplest of performance concerns with Lightroom after what has been years of complaints now, more and more third-party processing packages and software is getting looked at by photographers.

One such program is Alien Skin Exposure X2, which as long been a favorite plugin for many photographers looking to add some spice to their images that Lightroom couldn’t. We have had a chance to play with Exposure X2 adding it into our workflow and even giving it a shot as our primary image processor for the last month or so. Today we wanted to share our thoughts on it. Continue reading…

Medium Format Film Photography for the Digital Photographer: An Introduction

When I first got started in medium format film photography, I found it pretty confusing. But I, like many of you, was basing it off of the digital photography formats available. This can get even more confusing for digital photographers getting into film. So we’ve got a tutorial video that should sort it out.

And don’t worry, it’s actually all fairly simple.

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Jayanta Roy’s Himalayan Odyssey Is a Hypnotic Black and White Landscape Photo Series

All images by Jayanta Roy. Used with a Creative Commons License.

Jayanta Roy’s Himalayan Odyssey photo series surely reminds us that you don’t need the Golden Hour to create fantastic landscape photos. According to Jayanta, he developed the series over a year of travelling. Now just imagine that for a second: you’ve been travelling a whole lot and you’ve accumulated a load of images. What’s going to make you choose the final photos for your portfolio? Luckily, Jayanta did a fantastic job not only with shooting the photos, but also getting really inspiring black and white photos of the the mountain range.

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