Our Analog Zine Kickstarter Ends in a Few Days. You Can Still Donate!

Hi everyone,

This is one of our last reminders: our Analog photography zine Kickstarter is now fully funded. Again, a big thank you to everyone who made this possible. It means a whole lot to us. However, if you still want one and were afraid to donate before, you’ve got no worries now. At this point, you’re essentially just buying a zine with the option of also getting a subscription to La Noir Image.

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Understanding The Differences Between Darkroom Prints And Digital Prints

Screenshots taken from video. 

While digital photography has taken over film in terms of popularity, there is a recent rise of film shooters, reviving the traditional process of analog photography. However, due to sheer convenience and accessibility issues, many films were developed, scanned digitally and printed by commercial or digital ink-jet printers. This was in stark contradiction to the original full workflow of film that involves the manual labor and expertise of darkroom printing. Therefore, what are the differences between full analog darkroom printing process versus the modern day, digital commercial printing? We have found a useful video on Youtube to compare and contrast results obtained from both digital and darkroom printing.

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Review: Canon 28mm f3.5 IS STM (Canon EF-M)

Not many macro lenses have impressed me in the mirrorless camera category, but the Canon 28mm f3.5 ( $299.00 ) is probably an underrated lens that you haven’t heard a whole lot about. However, it’s got a few great features to it that make it very useful in various situations. Besides its compact size, it also has a cool macro light built into it. The light can be controlled using a button on the lens and can be very useful in many situations.

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Cruick Ultra-Premium Straps Promise No Compromise Style and Function

Cruick Ultra-Premium Straps

What happens when a professional photographer becomes a professional leatherworker? In the case of Grant Cruick, he’s taken his appreciation of aesthetics and attention to details to build a new line of leather camera straps. The Cruick ultra-premium straps promise photographers the use what he’s saying is the finest leather paired with heavy-duty hardware to create a strap that could last you a lifetime.

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