“Unleashed” Brings Sensor Based Triggering To Your DSLR


Unleashed, a camera remote app which was originally a Kickstarter backed product has newly added functionality thanks to the recent partnership between Foolography and Triggertrap.

Foolography’s Unleashed allows Canon and Nikon users to control their DSLR cameras remotely from their smartphones. From the app, users can change all the important settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc.) of their DSLR, take photos, start and stop video recording, control multiple cameras, take exposure-ramped-timelapses, geotag the images in-camera and preview thumbnails. Benefiting from the recent partnership, Triggertrap adds onto the Unleashed’s ability to trigger cameras wirelessly based on creative and versatile triggering modes available in Triggertrap’s app, such as sound, vibration, facial recognition, motion sensors, and much more.

For more information about Unleashed, you may visit the official product page here. 




MindShift Gear Announces New TrailScape Backpack


MindShift Gear recently announced the release of their all-new TrailScape backpack. Aimed at meeting the demands of outdoor photographers, the TrailScape allows photographers to carry a plethora of essential photo gear while maintaining a slim and compact profile.

The TrailScape fits a complete camera system including a 70-200mm f/2.8 attached with hood in the shooting position. The backpack can also accomodate a 13” laptop and 10” tablet and with multiple lash points photographers can carry extra gear such as a light jacket and lunch. Additional features include a dedicated smartphone pocket, tripod/hiking pole mounting system on the sides, seamless rain cover, adjustable dividers, and interior zippered pockets for batteries, cards, and other accessories.

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Train Full Of Emotions Is a Series of Telling Portraits Shot on a Train


All images by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons License. 

Choice of location for street photography shooting is extremely important, and Skander Khlif chose to shoot photos on a train. This isn’t necessarily a new concept–loads of photographers do this while commuting. But in this series of street photographs titled, “Train Full Of Emotions,” Skander managed to capture emotions in the eyes and behaviours of travelers in a train departing to Jaipur, India.

Skander moved very close to the people he photographed on the train, and he successfully established the direct eye contact in most of his portrait shots of strangers. He typically employs tight framing resulting in clean composition, drawing the attention to the facial expression and the sparkle of catch-light in the eyes of his subjects.

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Is the New Sony a99 II Too Late to the Photography Game?


Though Sony was the first to the game with full frame interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras with autofocus, the company has traditionally played catch up in the digital photography world–and there seems to be a bit of that with the Sony a99 II. Granted, they’re now very much the leader in many ways and create understandably fantastic products–but the a99 II’s announcement after around four years or more feels a bit like what Canon and Nikon do. Granted, that makes sense in some ways; but Sony is now mostly known for their mirrorless cameras and that begs the question of whether or not the company is too late with this announcement.

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How To Shoot RAW On Your iPhone with Adobe Lightroom Mobile


Of course one of the big announcements to the world prior to Photokina was that Apple’s iOS 10 would support RAW image capture, and not long after that Adobe announced that LRMobile would support RAW capture in the latest update. Well, that new update is here, and if you are one of those with a compatible iOS 10 device (iPhone 6s or newer) you can now start shooting RAW on your phone. But HOW exactly do you do that? Continue reading…

Think Tank Upgrades Its Shape Shifter Expandable Backback; Adds “Naked” Option


Think Tank Photo’s Shape Shifter Backpack has been updated with three new configurations. After receiving input from professional photographers, Think Tank Photo is proud to announce the release of the Shape Shifter 15 and 17 V2.0 and the Naked Shape Shifter.

The Shape Shifter 15 and 17 V2.0 lets photographers adjust their backpack to fit their workflow. When gear is removed they compress to three inches in depth allowing photographers to have their gear at the ready while maintaining a slimmer profile when maneuvering through crowds. The Shape Shifter 15 is designed to hold a 15” laptop and the Shape Shifter 17 can accomodate a 17” laptop. Both feature a tripod attachment on the front of the bag, easily accesible, plush pocket that fit smartphones up to 5.5”, a water bottle pouch, contoured shoulder harnesses, removable waist belts , and included rain covers.

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Photokina Announcements Raise Camera Manufacturers Stocks After Apple iPhone 7 Announcement


When the Apple iPhone 7 was announced, it was clear that Apple was going after the DSLR and mirrorless cameras in an intention to end their industry. The new camera in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is said to use a telephoto (though it’s actually a normal) lens and a wide angle to create an image with a blurred background. Apple states that this simulates the same effect of a larger sensor.

Because the world generally doesn’t know any better or understand the importance of ergonomics, lens options, the use of effective off-camera lighting, etc. the headlines of many a tech publication were discussing the death of traditional cameras. As a result, stocks went down. But after Photokina, things seemed to go back up–until we all realized that everyone was making development announcements due to recent earthquakes and natural disasters.

So here’s how the camera companies are doing after Photokina.

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Yucel Basoglu Captures “Men Alone” in Black And White Long Exposure Landscapes


All images by Yucel Basoglu. Used under a creative commons license. 

Photographer Yucel Basoglu is obsessed with creating sweeping, breathtaking, scenic, black and white photography using long exposure, and he breaks the better known stereotypes in his “Men Alone” series by including a human subject in his frame.

Yucel Basoglu believes that black and white photography is the best technique to demonstrate the purity in human and also nature. He further illustrates with an example: a color photograph of a smile is only showing you the person smiling, but on a black  and white photograph you can see the reality behind that smile. This is similar in nature as well, the power and beauty of nature can be better explored in black and white.

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