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Gevon Servo

Critique gservo-1382140326

Often our photography has a lot going for it. Sometimes it lacks a clear identity. Before we display our images, we get them critiqued. The first person who critiques your work should be you yourself. As photographers, we spend a lot of time and money wondering if our images are good. We spend time creating and editing the images. We spend money making sure we store the images correctly. We are all susceptible to flattery and we accept when people tell us our images are nice. With our own image though, we must be brutal and unforgiving.

The question is, just how do you do this? Here some tips to help.

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Photographers all start out at different periods in their lives. Some like me start out after they’re married with children. Some get married then have children. Other don’t get married yet have life partners. What makes this important is that our spouses can be our biggest supporters as photographers. Handled wrongly, they can also be our worst enemies. We all take different paths when it comes to mixing our photography life with our families. I have made some mistakes and learned from them. I have also managed to get some things right along the way.

Here are some dos and don’ts when dealing with spouses from my personal experience. [click to continue…]

Spring gservo-1521140405

When early spring comes, it brings rebirth and renewal. Gone are the days of winter. Like the fall, a myriad colors come out to greet our lenses. Springs is an interesting time for photography because it’s often as if the weather is drunk and needs a large cup of black coffee.

To make the most of it, here are seven tips to have fun with the early spring and create some unique images.

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Review: Nikon D3300

by G Servo on 04/04/2014

Nikon D3300 gservo-1398140329

Nikon hasn’t been the best of camera companies lately. There have been issues with some of its new cameras, but there is one set of cameras that has been constant: the D3xxx series. Most of the D3xxx series’ updates are typically incremental. The Nikon D3300, the newest model, has some nice improvements. So let’s see how this camera works out.

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Toys gservo-0359140311

Have you noticed what’s happened to toys in the past few years? Their production quality has gotten better. In some new and interesting cases, they have gone ‘designer’ and become hugely collectible. These designer toys usually have limited runs, but new designs come out often. Artist lend their skills to make some rare designs. People buy sell and trade these elegant designers toys often, and there is one thing that all of these toys need: good photography.

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Oh this is not here yet, this green is a pleasant memory

Well after a LONG winter, we may finally get a spring. It’s now a good time for some photography spring cleaning. It’s always a good idea to spend some time with your gear and make sure everything is in working order. The pursuit of truth and beauty requires your gear to be ready. You want to make sure your gear is clean. When you clean, sort, and organize your gear, it makes life easier.

Here are suggestions for spring cleaning. [click to continue…]