3 Beautiful Zeiss Lenses to Adapt to Canon RF Cameras

If you’re a fan of the classic look, then you’ll probably adore what Zeiss lenses can do. And if you’re a Canon RF camera shooter, then you’re in luck. We’ve reviewed tons of Zeiss lenses on Canon bodies over the years and have always been in awe of what they can do. If you’re looking for something slower with a more unique look, we think you’ll love these. Dive into this roundup with us!

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The 10 Best Lenses According to DXOMark (July 2020 Edition)

According to the boffins at DXOMark, the lenses listed in this roundup are the best you can attach to your cameras.

The old saying is that your camera is only as good as the lenses you use. Well, if you want to attach the best lenses to your camera, you might be interested to see which lenses DXOMark believes to be the best of the best at the end of July 2020. Check out the top ten lenses according to DXOMark, combine them with our real-world tests, and you will have a much better idea why these lenses have been ranked the way they were. If you want some of the best lenses around, take a look at the top ten performing lenses according to DXOMark for July 2020.

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Our Zeiss Milvus Guide Has Received a New Lick of Paint, Check it Out

zeiss milvus

Our Zeiss Milvus buyer’s guide has been updated, refreshed, and is looking rather spiffy! 

If you’re a photographer who demands the very best from the lenses you use, you need to make sure that you check out the less talked about offerings from Zeiss. The Zeiss Milvus collection of prime lenses is quite exquisite, and they should satisfy the needs of those who need the absolute sharpest optics that money can buy. Over the last few years, the staff at The Phoblographer have been able to use, and review every single Zeiss Milvus lens that has hit the market. To make things easy for those who are looking for premium lenses, we made a buyer’s guide. We’re pleased to say that the Milvus buyers guide has now been updated. Find out more about it after the break. Continue reading…

DXOMark: Here Are The Top 10 Performing Lenses For June 2019


The June DXOMark lens performance league table is here for all to see.

There have been some new lenses that have gone through the DXOMark boot camp over the last month, and there were high expectations for them, but did they have enough about them to beat the existing top ten performing lenses according to DXOMark? Join us after the break to see if new offerings from Canon and Nikon were able to budge lenses that seem to have made their spots in the table their permanent homes. Continue reading…

Six Manual Focus Lenses for Canon and Nikon Worth Mastering

These manual focus lenses can produce some seriously stunning results once you get to know them.

Often, when we go to buy new glass, we are quick to discredit manual focus lenses. That’s a real shame; there are some truly stunning manual focus lenses on the market for both Canon and Nikon cameras. But in a day and age where we expect things to be done for us, these gems often fall by the wayside. Let’s take a look at six manual focus lenses for both Canon and Nikon cameras that are worth spending the money on and mastering. Continue reading…

The 10 Best Lenses According to DXOMark For April 2019

If you’re looking for some new glass, you might want to check out the 10 best according to DXOMark.

DXOMark have fired up the lens testing lab once again and there is no shortage of new glass for the guys and gals over there to check out. Here we list the 10 best lenses according to DXOMark for April 2019. If you own any of these lenses congrats; you own some of the best glass around. If you are thinking about dropping some hard earned cash on a new lens then you need to see this list. DXOMark really put lenses through some very thorough testing, and while lab testing may not be to everyone’s liking, there is definitely a place for controlled testing results. You can always check out our real world reviews of the lenses listed here as well, and then, combined with the results from DXOMark, you will be able to make a much more informed purchasing decision. Check out the 10 best lenses according to DXOMark in April of 2019.

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Which Zeiss Milvus Lens is Best for You? We’ve Updated Our Guide

We’ve updated our recent lens guide to the Zeiss Milvus lineup of glass. Are they pricey? Sure, but when you consider what you’re getting with the quality of an optic that Zeiss offers, you’re realizing you’re getting a great investment. Zeiss lenses combine both great optics with some of the best build quality of any lens on the market, in addition to an approach that makes you concentrate harder and create better images.

At the moment, there are 12 Zeiss Milvus lenses and we’ve just added to this guide our 35mm f1.4 Milvus review. This is a semi-wide angle lens that Zeiss is saying is great for portraiture. That hasn’t really been done before in the past, and so it’s quite a claim for any lens company out there. But as we saw in our review, the Zeiss 35mm f1.4 Milvus lens is fantastic for portraiture. We went a step further this time around and decided to try it out on film too. The colors, sharpness, and overall look to the images is something that’s bound to “wow” many photographers. Part of this is due to the 3D look it renders with the micro-contrast built in. It’s tough to get that from any other manufacturer’s offerings.

If you’re looking to get the absolute best, then check out the Zeiss Milvus lens guide.

The Phoblographer’s Guide to Zeiss Milvus Lenses

If you demand the very best, and you have the money to spend, you should consider looking at Zeiss Milvus lenses.

The Zeiss name is synonymous with quality and excellence and for a good reason. Zeiss has been making some of the best glass you can get your hands on for years, and their Milvus collection of lenses is no exception to this rule. All Zeiss Milvus lenses incorporate weather sealing, amazing metal exteriors, giant rubber focusing rings, and enhanced optics that make you really feel like you’re shooting with a premium, top drawer lens. Some words that come to mind are beautiful, masterpiece, and long-lasting. We’ve reviewed every single Zeiss Milvus lens on the market, and we have put all of our real-world reviews in one easy to read guide so that you can have the information you need at your fingertips. Join us after the break to see all of the reviews.

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Review: Zeiss Milvus 35mm f2 (Canon EF)

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Zeiss 35mm f2 Milvus lens product images (1 of 4)ISO 4001-180 sec at f - 2.8

When it comes to lenses, one of the most legendary lens manufacturers is Zeiss. Most recently, the company announced its brand new Milvus lineup of lenses that are designed for DSLR cameras. The Milvus line falls between the standard DSLR lens lineup and the creme de la creme: Otus lenses. As a result, these lenses are weather sealed, well constructed and exhibit the best of what I’d always expect from Zeiss.

So when the Zeiss Milvus 35mm f2 first came to me, I was a bit confused. Why f2? Why couldn’t they go all the way to f1.4? It made no real sense to me, though I decided to just roll with it.

And as I found during the testing period, it’s quite the beautiful lens despite its very high price tag.

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