It’s Nice, with Fantastic High ISO Images: Nikon z50 First Impressions

The Nikon z50 is a nice camera–there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s a plain shade of vanilla.

If you tuned into our weekly episode of Pro Camera Reviews, then you’d know that Gear Editor Brett Day is reviewing the Nikon z50. He likes it so far. But Brett has owned many different camera systems over the years. And he can’t quite wrap his head around this camera. He’s still trying to figure it out, in fact. But he thinks it’s a nice camera.

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Opinion: Nikon Treats Mirrorless Like a Red-Headed Stepchild

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Things haven’t been going well for Nikon in the age of Mirrorless cameras, but there is still time for them to make an impact.

Let’s open this article up with a truth bomb: Nikon dropped the ball in a big way in regard to their first Mirrorless cameras. Out of the big three (Canon, Nikon, and Sony), Nikon is sitting in third place, and they have a lot of ground to make up before they begin to see second-placed Canon in their sights. While their z6 and z7 cameras have been improved via updates since their launch states, the lack of news surrounding new cameras and pro-grade lenses has rocked their faithful to the core. So, let’s talk about what Nikon needs to do in 2020 and beyond to get their fans to stop looking longingly at offerings from other manufacturers.

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