First Impressions: Nikon Z6 (A More Affordable, Lower Resolution Z7)

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Nikon’s Z6 is an excellent entry level, Mirrorless famera for photographers who aren’t megapixel conscious.

When Nikon first announced they were finally entering the Full Frame, Interchangeable Lens, Mirrorless camera market with the Z6 and Z7 back in August of this year, only the 45.7MP Z7 was initially available. From a business standpoint, it certainly made sense that Nikon would want to release the top-end Z7 first as demand for the brand new camera system would surely skyrocket, especially since Nikon was playing catch up when it comes to Mirrorless. Fast forward to today, three months after initial announcement; the Z6 is finally available. With a more modest resolution of 24.5MP and a lower autofocus point count of 273, but boasting faster frame rates (12 FPS in the Z6 vs nine FPS  in the Z7) and double the ISO sensitivity (a maximum of 51,200, expandable to 204,800 in the Z6 vs a maximum of 25,600, expandable to 102,400 in the Z7). Pricing for the Nikon Z6 is also much more reasonable, coming in at only US $1995.95 compared to the Z7’s US $3,399.95. Nikon recently invited us down to Florida to test the brand new Nikon Z6 in a variety of different conditions, and our experiences so far have been fairly positive. Despite having a lower resolution and autofocus points, the Z6 may actually be the Mirrorless camera that will suit the needs of more photographers when compared to the Z7, especially if you’ve already got a good selection of F mount lenses and are looking to stay with Nikon while moving into the Mirrorless world.

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