Yasuhara Introduces AF-Coupled Macro Extension Tubes for MFT and NEX

Yasuhara Nanoha Macro Extension Tubes

Yasuhara, the Japanese company that brought us the Nanoha macro lens for Micro Four Thirds, has just introduced a set of AF-coupled macro extension tubes for Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX. The tubes sport electrical contacts so that autofocus and aperture functionality are retained, and come in a set of one 10mm and one 16mm tube. On the US market, each set (NEX and MFT) will be available for US-$ 159.

Technically, we assume the Yasuhara tubes to be similar to the ones that Kenko introduced early last year. While both the Kenko and the Yasuhara tubes come in a set of 10mm and 16mm tubes, the Yasuhara tubes appear to be the more affordable solution. Whether or not they’re of the same quality as those from Kenko (which we reviewed here) will be seen once we receive review units.

Review: Yasuhara Nanohax5 5x Macro Lens (Micro Four Thirds)

Yasuhara sent us their latest 5x Macro lens for review. We previously had a hands-on experience with it and after lots of use, this lens that turns your camera into a microscope is bound to have some very interesting applications. The company used to produce screw mount rangefinder cameras with TTL metering amongst other film using cameras.

So in the end, will this become your next fun accessory to keep in your camera bag?

Editor’s Note: Because I know everyone will ask, the strap is from the Olympus Pen Premium Case.

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