Melissa Stemmer Uses Fujifilm to Create Charming Portrait Photography

Photographer Melissa Stemmer has a sense of magic about her photos that translates very well.

“The conversation is everything,” says Photographer Melissa Stemmer when working with models for portraits. “So I talk a lot with my models. Saying what is good and what can be improved.” Ms. Stemmer is pretty new to photography and has that Je ne sais quoi many of us have when we just start out. In fact, she got into the craft from watching a lot of YouTube videos. After a while, she knew this was the creative medium for her. The spark is brighter than ever with her as she finds inspiration all around her. Based in Germany, Ms. Stemmer works a lot with people, and that’s the basis behind a lot of her work.

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On Using the Fujifilm X Series of Cameras as a Journalist

The Fujifilm X series is given a lot of credit, but nowhere as much as Sony’s also great full frame mirrorless cameras.

The Fujifilm X series of cameras make solid companions for photojournalists, but only if certain cameras are used along with certain lenses. If a photographer chooses to work with the options available, they’ll find that the Fujifilm X system can be a fantastic option for a journalist working to earn a living. Sony arguably has the best option with all of its sensors being stabilized, and a variety of cameras that can do different things and offer a variety of features for different needs. But in the case of Fujifilm, that option isn’t available. All of their cameras more or less have some iteration of the same sensor. To that end, different form factors and features are what separate one camera from the next.

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Fujifilm Camera Guide: Our Five Favorite Fujifilm Cameras for Beginners to Pros and Beyond

There are Fujifilm cameras for everyone; from beginners and enthusiasts, to professional photographers and videographers.

Fujifilm’s lineup of cameras is incredibly exciting, and the company is carving out a nice slice of the Mirrorless market for themselves. There are some quite remarkable Fujifilm cameras on the market right now and the current line up will appeal to many different people. From the fixed lens X100F to the medium format monster the GFX 50S, photographers of all types and skill sets can find something for themselves in the Fujifilm ecosystem.

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