Getting The Most Out Of Your Fujifilm 23mm F2 R WR Lens

Fujifilm’s 23mm F2 is one of their newer lenses, the only newer option being the 50mm F2. It is a lens that offers Fujifilm shooters that classic 35mm field of view in a small package with a fast aperture. So what should a new owner of the Fujifilm 23mm F2 ([amazon_link asins=’B01KNXOCO8′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fbad95d7-fd35-11e6-95fe-330ebeb1f65f’])know about this lens in order to get the most out of it? We’ve got a bunch of tips for you here.

PS: We know this is very Fujifilm specific, but we’ve got a lot of Fujifilm readers as our audience. So we’re doing this tutorial just for you folks.

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First Impressions: Fujifilm XF 23mm F2 R WR

Fujifilm photographers, there is a new lens on the block, just released this past week, it’s Fujifilm’s new Fujinon 23mm F/2 R WR–the second release in their new compact weather-sealed prime lens series following the 35mm F/2 R WR. Designed to provide the ultimate image quality, while remaining small, compact, weather resistant, and most importantly for X-Pro2 shooters, out of the way of the optical viewfinder on the X-Pro2.

We just got our hands on this beautiful new lens, and while more time will be needed to draw full conclusions in our final review, today we have some initial impressions for those of you who have been thinking about picking this bad boy up.  Continue reading…

The New Fujifilm 23mm F2 R WR Lens Will Cost $449

We have known it was coming for a while now, and after a series of leaks, and rumors today Fujifilm made the 23mm F2 R WR official. Joining the 35mm F2 WR in Fujifilm’s line of small weather resistant fast prime lenses, the 23mm will focus quickly and pair perfectly with Fujifilm’s latest camera offerings like the X-Pro 2 and X-T2.

The XF 23mm F2 WR will have that same quality build and finish we have come to love about the 35mm F2 WR, with its all metal construction and quality aperture & focusing rings. This will be a great alternative to the 23mm F/1.4 for those who need a smaller, more compact, faster focusing option with that traditional 35mm (full frame equivalent) field of view. More specs are after the jump.

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