The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Has Loads to Love at a Good Price

The editing tablet market is usually dominated by the Bamboo models from industry-leading Wacom, but several competitors have sprung up in the last few years. Most notable among these have been Huion and XP-Pen. In addition to them, Apple has thrown its hat in the ring with the launch of the Apple Pencil some years ago for usage on their iPad and iPad mini models. Now there’s a new player in the market who’s making heads turn with their Pen Tablet models – Xencelabs. They are designed by industry veterans with over three decades of experience and with sizeable input from artists worldwide. The Pen Tablet models attempt to make inroads in an established market. Can Xencelabs woo digital artists and photography editors with their products? We got our hands on the Pen Tablet Medium model to test out.

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4 Handy Items a Professional Photographer’s Computer Can Use

Being a professional photographer isn’t really all that simple. You need a lot of stuff. As if the business side of the job wasn’t enough, there’s a lot of essentials beyond cameras that are necessary. What’s more, the world of photography keeps evolving, and the needs keep changing. Lucky for you, we’ve tested lots of the gear you need. So we dove into the reviews index to look at everything you could possibly ask for. Here’s what we recommend for a photographer’s computer.

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Your Time’s Up Wacom: Xencelabs Pen Tablet With Quick Keys Review

The Xencelabs tablet and Quick Keys Combo is a powerful tool that makes complex editing jobs easier.

We get by pretty well when it comes to editing our images on PCs and Macs. Still, there are times when I wish I had just a little more control over the edits I make. The mouse doesn’t want to cooperate sometimes, and making tiny brush strokes can be challenging. This is where editing tablets and pens come into play. We’ve all heard of Wacom before, but Xencelabs (which is pronounced Sencelabs) – that’s a new name for most. They have released an editing tablet that can be bundled with an OLED powered Quick Keys panel, and they’re going for the jugular. Will their new tablet and aggressive pricing strategy take image editors away from Wacom, though? Find out in our full review.

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