Photokina 2012 Report — Part 5: Leica, Hasselblad and Voigtländer

Wait, what? A Ferrari? What does this have to do with photokina? Well, nothing, except that Hasselblad had one at their stand. Yup, a real, proper Ferrari.

First off, let me apologize. This post was meant to be up yesterday. However, since my laptop decided to break down, I couldn’t work on it. So it comes one day late. So without further ado, this is part five of or photokina 2012 report. Featured today: the new Leica M and Leica M-E, the Leica X2 Paul Smith edition and à la carte, the Hasselblad Lunatic Lunar and the Voigtländer 21mm f1.8 lens for Leica M.

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Leica Brings New Updates Almost All Across the Board: Makes Us Drool


Photokina has already brought us some interesting finds; but Leica took the cake and put some extra frosting on it today. The company has brought a slew of updates to their product lines bringing extremely ambitious changes and some very interesting and jaw dropping announcements.

Today we saw changes to the Leica M line, S series, X2 line, and their point and shoots. Grab a cup of coffee because there were a ton of new products.

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Review: Leica X2

Not long ago, Leica announced their brand new X2 camera. As an update to the X1, it gives consumers an optional electronic viewfinder, a modest megapixel bump, higher ISO capabilities, and a newly designed pop-up flash. As is Leica’s mentality and corporate philosophy, all upgrades were very minimal and the entire package still emphasizes simplicity.

Holding true to Leica’s branding, this camera will also set your checking account back a bit.

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Review: Eye-Fi Pro X2 SDHC Card

Announced almost a year ago, the super powerful Eye-Fi Pro X2 cards have recently been given a boost in the form of mobile sharing. While I haven’t demoed this feature yet, I have been using this card since Photo Plus of last year. It has been tested out in a variety of cameras with different results depending on the manufacturer and build of the camera. For the sake of timeliness, this review should have been completed a while ago but was delayed over and over again to ensure that we tested it correctly. In conclusion, depending on where your brand loyalty lies, you may want to snag one of these highly recommended items.

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Eye-Fi’s Direct Mode Allows For Uploading Photos to Your Phones

For those who like to share their images in a quick and easy way, Eye-Fi is a familiar name. They have announced their new product, Eye-Fi’s Direct Mode. This product allows user to, wirelessly, connect their camera to smartphones for instant connectivity. We’re currently working on reviewing the X2 cards and are really liking them. Hit the jump for more of the news from CES 2011.

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