The Phoblographer’s Definitive Guide To Nikon Z Mount Lenses

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Nikon’s Z mount cameras have been around for a little while now. Nikon, while a little slower than others have been steadily building up their Z mount library. We have been working hard to bring you real-world reviews of all Nikon Z mount lenses when they hit the streets. In the coming weeks, months, and years there will be an explosion of Nikon Z mount lenses, and we’ll review all of them too. This is why we have decided to make a guide for Z mount lenses. Here you’ll find all of our Nikon Z mount lens reviews in one place so that you can get the information you need in a hurry.

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Rob Jenkins: A Fujifilm X Pinup Portrait Photographer

All images and words by Rob Jenkins. Used with permission.

My name is Rob Jenkins and I’m an enthusiast photographer. This is a term I don’t really like but it’s the one that describes many of us. I’m not a pro as I have a full time job, but part of that job does include photography. My role is as the marketing manager for a video game retail franchise in Australia. About 3 years ago we built a studio for us (mainly myself) to use with cosplay and product photography.

I actually started getting serious as a photographer around 15 years ago. My wife bought a nice Canon point and shoot and whilst on holidays I experimented with long exposures of the hotel pool area. The pictures came out pretty good and it wasn’t long before she bought me an Olympus DSLR. With that first camera and a couple of kit lenses I learnt all I could and ended up starting a photo group from our church. Today that group has outgrown the church and most of our members are not church goers but enthusiasts like me. We have around 200 plus members and meet each month.

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