Good News! The Leica X Vario Now Comes in a Silver Finish


It’s okay, you can breathe now! The news that you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Who needs the D4s when you can have a Leica?! Let alone a Leica in silver!

Joking aside, today the company is announcing that their X Vario camera is available in silver. When it was first announced, we kind of laughed. Then we tested it and liked it. There is nothing else special about this camera except for the color. It houses the same 16.2MP APS-C sized sensor, same 18-46mm f3.5-6.4 lens, and can still take all the accessories of the original.

The price will be the same as the other one: $2,850.

Review: Leica X Vario (Typ 107)

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Leica X Vario Review Top Right Front View

Our first impressions of the Leica X Vario were somewhat a mixed bag. On the one hand, we found that the camera is very well built and feels extremely solid, just like you’d expect from a Leica. We also praised the user inteface which emphasizes quick access to shutter speed and aperture value, just like you get it on a big Leica M. On the other hand, we found that there were some aspects about the X Vario’s ergonomics where Leica was sloppy, focusing too little on the photographer and too much on doing things differently from everyone else. Now with the final review of the X Vario, do we still hold up that judgement? Head past the break to find out.

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First Impressions: Leica X Vario (Typ 107)

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Leica X Vario Review Top Right Front ViewWhen Leica announced the X Vario and boldly touted it as a “Mini M”, even the die-hard Leica fanboys weren’t amused. Voices ranged from, “Blasphemy!” over, “Where is that entry-level M-mount mirroless APS-C camera we’ve been asking for?” to a more reasonable, “What the heck? This is not an M!” And while it would have the notorious Leica-haters outraged over another ‘overpriced’ and ‘utterly useless’ fixed-lens APS-C compact that would ‘never be able to hold a candle to the [popular camera model X]’, it had even those that were generally Leica-friendly confused at least. Why did the company decide to put a slow zoom lens on their latest X-series camera? Read our first impressions with this controversial camera to find out.

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Leica Introduces the X Vario with Fixed 28-70mm Equivalent Zoom Lens

Leica X Vario

Well, this secret wasn’t very well-kept. Days before the official announcement, Leica’s new X Vario had already leaked on the internet. But oh, there wasn’t anything such as excitement, not even from the die-hard Leica fanboys. Everyone was expecting a major marketing clou from Leica, as was the original X1 when it was first introduced, the S2 medium format camera and just recently the new M Typ 240. Some speculated on a ‘digital CL’ that would sport a full-frame sensor in a smaller M-mount body, others were hoping for an even smaller M-mount APS-C mirrorless camera. So the disappointment was pretty huge when it became clear that the new product would be an X-series camera with a slow zoom lens attached.

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German Leica Boutique Retailer Essentially Confirms Mini M Rumors

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.38.41 AM

One of our Facebook followers tipped us off to a leak by a German retailer. Leica has been teasing a new Mini M for a little while now, and Leica Boutique Retailer Foto Henny Hoogeveen says (according to Google Translate) that they’ll have stock on June 11th of this year. They also call the new camera the X Vario: which is perfectly in line with what Leica Rumors has been stating the new camera will be called.

Hopefully, the retailer isn’t doing this just to get people to come to their Facebook page.

Editor’s Correction: They’re Dutch, not German

– Thanks Maritjn for the tip!