Cheap Photo: Save Big on These Fujifilm Black Friday Camera Deals!

These Fujifilm Black Friday camera deals will put a massive smile on your face.

Are you looking for some great deals on Fujifilm cameras this Black Friday? We’ve got you covered. Fujifilm has announced that you can pick up several of their cameras with huge discounts for a limited time. Have your eye on the X-Pro 2? You can get it for just $1,299.95. That’s a $400 discount. The X-T20 is down to just $499.95 for the body, or only $599.95 with the 16-50mm lens kit. The X-T30 with the 18-55mm f2.8-4 kit lens can be yours for $849.95, and the X-E3 and X-T100 can be picked up for $499.95 and $349.95, respectively. Join us after the break to see all Fujifilm Black Friday deals. Continue reading…

Popular Fujifilm RAW Converter Iridient X-Transformer Adds X-T100 Support

If you’re not happy with Adobe’s Fujifilm RAF Conversions, maybe you could try Iridient’s X-Transformer

In the world of RAW processing, Fujifilm’s RAF files are a pain in the ass for RAW converters to work on, thanks to the special algorithm required to read their special X-Trans color information. This has lead to slower import times and questionable image quality from the major RAW converters used in Lightroom and other image processing engines. One third-party alternative, X-Transformer, takes your RAF files and processes them with its own RAW converter engine (which is known to handle RAF files very well) and outputs an Adobe DNG file that can be read and used in software like Adobe Lightroom much easier. Continue reading…

Why the Rumored Fujifilm X-T100 Is Sorely Needed

It is being said that the long-rumored Fujifilm X-T100 could be announced as soon as next week

Fujifilm has a long history of producing great cameras within their X-Series, but one segment of the market that has always been a bit of a dud for Fujifilm has been their budget-oriented cameras. The X-A series has always been very basic and cheap in comparison to the mid-level X-Series cameras like the X-T10 and [amazon_textlink asin=’B01NCVNDPO’ text=’X-T20′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6f7645fb-57b1-11e8-b6ec-f7b963a3e069′]. But it seems maybe Fujifilm is finally adjusting their strategy, with reports indicating that an “X-T100” could be coming as soon as next week.
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