The Essential Gear Guide for Minimalist Street Photographers (2018)

Street photography gear for the minimalist; sound like something you’re interested in?

What makes street photography special to me is that it’s by the people, for the people. Therefore, by its very nature, street photography is for minimalists. When working the street you need to be of a present mind and know your gear inside and out. Photos come and go in fractions of a second, so if you’re messing with gear physically or mentally it’s over. If you are digging in your bag it’s over. You’re either getting the shot or not. There’s zero forgiveness with street photography, so if you’re serious, embrace minimalism and focus on the craft.

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Lomography Brings the Color Negative F²/400 to Medium Format Snappers

Now’s the chance to try out Lomography Color Negative F²/400 in your medium format camera!

A year after analog lovers hoarded the Lomography Color Negative F²/400 in 35mm, we finally have another chance to snag a few rolls, but this time in 120. Lomography has recently released the long lost film, for medium format snappers, that they aged to perfection, but we have to be quick as it may sell out again in the blink of an eye!

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Lomography X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 Film Au Naturel


In the Lomo world, there are two things you do with film: shoot it through a plastic lens or pinhole, and then you cross-process the film to accent the flares and ghosting and other anomalies that occur as a result of the toy lens. However, some truly magnificent images are to be had from normal processing, and the new Lomography X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 Film is no exception. Meant to be cross-processed in C41 chemistry (hence the “X-Pro” designation), this film is meant to have more vibrant reds, blues, and greens as a result of the cross-processing; but, when you process this film normally through E6 it can lead to some truly beautiful results.

Lomography recently published a couple of samples.


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Fujifilm Outs X Series Lens Roadmap: Pancakes and Zoom Lenses Inbound

Fujifilm has announced their lens roadmap for the next coming year in pretty explicit detail. In the works are:

– 56mm f1.4 = 84mm (Early 2013)

– 27mm f2.8 = 40.5mm (Early 2013)

– 23mm f1.4 = 35mm (Early 2013)

– 14mm f2.8 = 21mm (Fall 2012)

And then zoom lenses. Seriously Fujifilm, what the hell? Zoom lenses for a system that harkens back to a rangefinder system?