Lomography X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 Film Au Naturel


In the Lomo world, there are two things you do with film: shoot it through a plastic lens or pinhole, and then you cross-process the film to accent the flares and ghosting and other anomalies that occur as a result of the toy lens. However, some truly magnificent images are to be had from normal processing, and the new Lomography X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 Film is no exception. Meant to be cross-processed in C41 chemistry (hence the “X-Pro” designation), this film is meant to have more vibrant reds, blues, and greens as a result of the cross-processing; but, when you process this film normally through E6 it can lead to some truly beautiful results.

Lomography recently published a couple of samples.


Subdued tones and gorgeous color rendering while still not completely blowing it out of the water on the RGB scale, the Lomography X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 film can really shine under it’s normal processing.

You can pick up this interesting new film directly through the Lomography USA store online or in one of their many galleries spread around the world.

Our Editor in Chief Chris Gampat is currently awaiting the return of his processed roll to report on his impressions with the film. Be looking for more on this new film soon from him and our fellow writers as we test out this great new addition to the analog photography world!

(Via Lomography.com)


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