Sony Announces New Point and Shoots with Lots of Megapickels

This evening, Sony announced three new additions to their point and shoot line of cameras. At a glance, the TX200V (above) is their tough camera that it waterproof up to 16 feet, and has a fairly thick layer of glass right in front of it (when we asked if it was Gorilla Glass, they couldn’t comment.) Plus, they announced the new WX70 with a 3.0 inch touch screen LCD and the WX50: which is their latest entry level CMOS model.

Interestingly, Sony said that the cameras will continuously autofocus and try to find something to focus on until you half-press the shutter button and lock it. That means that in real life use, the battery life may suffer. They also claim that these cameras have 1/6th the noise as their previous generation. During the presentation, we saw charts that we’re not allowed the publish; but the technology is called, “pixel super resolution technology.”

No press release here: just all the details you’re probably curious about after the jump; like more megapickels on those itsy bitty teenie weeny sensor.

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