We’re Looking for a Specialized Writer. Want to Join Team Phoblographer?

Team Phoblographer wants to return a bit more to its artistic roots, and now is the time for us to do that.

Hi everyone,

Our audience has always been of one camp or another: some know us for gear, but there was a time when gear barely had an impact on traffic and art flourished. Our mission has always been to bridge the gap. During COVID 19, we’ve been experimenting with different kinds of photographer features and interviews, we believe we’ve got a better idea on what you folks like now! So the Phoblographer is looking to return to its artistic routes and to work on original pieces featuring photographers, photographic artists, and photo editors from all across the board. Our ideal candidate will be internationally based, but we’re open to the right applicants based here in the US. If you’re interested, please inquire below.

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Need a Gig? We’re Hiring a Freelance Vintage Camera and Lens Expert

The Phoblographer needs a specialized Vintage Camera and Lens Expert for our continuing growth.

Hi folks! We know that some of you are looking for a gig, and so we’re sourcing the photo world for a vintage camera and lens expert. Our ideal fit for this position will have a working knowledge of vintage cameras and lenses. We’re not talking about just one camera system, but a lot of them. It not only has to be your passion but something that you very much specialize in. The Phoblographer pays fair (arguably lenient), ethical rates, and we’re known to even attract competitors’ writers because our staff is treated just that fairly. With that said, we have a very strict non-compete policy. The ideal candidate will also have some sort of sales background. Think you’ve got what it takes? We’ve got all the details below.

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We’re Hiring: Freelance Writer for La Noir Image

Hey everyone,

Remember La Noir Image: that Kickstarter I tried to get funded but that failed because now I realized that no one wanted an app? Well it’s currently under reconstruction to become a full blown art community. Yes, that’s right; it’s not dead–and instead it’s being revamped into a community. Thanks to the help of an Angel Investor, La Noir Image can become something bigger. The current La Noir Image is under construction.

Think Phoblographer premium: with a totally justifiable subscription tier plan. Further, we’re not playing the news game. It’s going to instead be all about refined, well done content.

To that end though, I’m looking to bring on another part-time writer as I’ve already got someone else on board with magazine rate pay.

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