What New Photographers Should Keep In Mind with Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are an incredibly important part of a photography set. Some models can’t always do their own makeup if it’s a very specific look. And makeup artists are just generally better at it if the details are that important. You’d be amazed at what a great makeup artist can do vs what a model can do. It’s the difference between using your phone and the expensive camera that you own. However, it also means you need to treat those folks with respect. Here are tips on working with makeup artists.

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Going into Monk Mode: Supercharging Yourself as a Photographer

Productivity can be really tricky for photographers, but here’s how to make it easy

I’m sure that if you were to talk to some of the masters of photography they’d tell you about a zen feeling or what we like to call a Monk Mode. This Monk Mode is what we’d like to associate with an ultimate sense of clarity–unparalleled focus that allows you to go about shooting and creating totally undistracted and with full intent. You go on a mission in the same way that a Monk’s mission is often to seek enlightenment by shedding belongings and being solitary. For photographers, we can surely harness this sort of energy for our own uses.

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Fashion Photographers Discuss Overcoming Obstacles

All images used with permission from the photographers. Lead image by Gina Manning.

Every photographer needs to overcome some sort of obstacle in order to grow. Whether you’re a professional trying to make it into an agency that will get you more work or you’re a portrait photographer that wants more followers on Instagram, you’ve got to figure out a way to overcome these roadblocks. We talked to different fashion photographers about how they went about overcoming some of these obstacles and what they were.

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Unnatural Habitats Puts Working Folks in Random Locations

Submergence A -3992

All images by James Bugg. Used with permission

Photographer James Bugg is the mastermind behind a brand new project called Unnatural Habitats. The 19 year old Melbourne based creative hasn’t even started his first year of studying photography full time, but has already demonstrated exceptional creative prowess. “I do a mixture of documentary and fine art work and love to tell stories and portray messages through my imagery.” states James. He continues to tell us that photography has been his passion since he was younger.

Unnatural Habitats is a special juxtaposition project that takes folks hard at work and places them in a completely off-key space.

In fact, it’s one of the cooler projects that we’ve seen so far for the year.

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Five Tips to Help You Efficiently Complete a Photography Assignment

Efficiently Complete A Photography Assignment-04076-20140814

When trying to become more serious about your photography, you’ll often go after photography assignments and gigs. You clients will need specific images for presentations, articles, etc. If they cannot find the right stock photography or create the images themselves, they hire a photographer to create these images for them. I have recently started going on assignments for my company and there are some lessons that I have learned. The biggest is that photography is a cooperative craft at times. Sometimes you have to capture another person’s vision.

Here are five tips from my experience to help you get through things quickly.

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