Photographers Need More Practical Camera Bags for Women

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The design of many women’s products makes functionality feel like an afterthought. The front pocket of the jeans that I’m wearing won’t even fit half of my hand. (Forget about actually putting anything useful in them, like a phone or keys.) Men’s razors often have more blades for less money. Similarly, the vast majority of camera bags for women puts atheistic over function. I’m bombarded by Facebook ads for purse-like camera bags that place the weight of heavy gear on dainty straps. That’s fine for compact, lightweight gear, but what about a girl with a full-frame camera and an f2.8 zoom? There’s nothing dainty about carrying heavy lenses on a small slice of one shoulder. Women need a practical camera bag that carries lots of gear too. 

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Did Canon Philippines Make A Misogynistic Choice?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the powers that be in the industry had the fortitude to admit they don’t value women? Each new offense is a middle finger salute, and the reaction to remedy them is increasingly hollow. The newest chapter of this mundane book is being written by Canon Philippines. Naturally, their decision to name an all-male ambassador team is met with resentment and outrage. It’s hardly a shock. What is surprising is their non-apology apology paired with silence from the other global divisions.

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Conceptual Photographer Katinka Schuett Explores the Idea of Space

All images by Katinka Schuett. Used with permission.

“I like to plan pictures in advance and to deal intensively with picture ideas during the research phase,” explains conceptual photographer Katinka Schuett. “Conceptual photography leaves a lot more control than other photography subjects and allowing me to work with the subject very consciously.” Katinka is one of the two winners of the Female in Focus photography award recently. Her project, Cosmis Drive, revolves around the exciting intersection of conceptual images and realistic scientific components. It’s also an exploration of the human desire to communicate with the unknown. Below, we delve deeper into the ideas present throughout her body of work and discuss her artistic journey as a photographer.

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Inspiration: 20 of Our Favorite Women Photographers for 2019

Women photographers rock! In this piece we showcase 20 of the very best.

“Just 20” we thought to ourselves when putting this list of women photographers together. “It’s going to be so hard to not go over that number!.” That’s because we know that the amount of female talent in our industry is almost endless. But we also know our readers have to find the time to eat and sleep too! So, with that in mind, we wanted to make a piece that focused on the best of the best – in our humble (and experienced) opinion. With Women’s History Month being

All the photographers in this article have been featured on The Phoblographer before, hence why we’re extremely confident in their creative capabilities. You’re also encouraged to check out each of their individual features too.

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Creating a Photography Blog Dedicated to Featuring Fantastic Women Photographers

All images by Nicole Struppert. Used with permission.

Photographer Nicole Struppert is not only a photographer, but also the Editor of the Women in Photography blog. She’s been running it for a fair amount of time now, and continues to update it and profile the work of fantastic women photographers. On a more personal basis, Nicole and I have been friends for a while and I’ve been working with her to help build the site. We feature a lot of photographers here, but not a whole lot of bloggers. And in a situation like this, I find what Nicole is doing to be particularly interesting.

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Women in Photography: Juliette Mansour’s Reflections | Atlanta

Every now and again I’ve been publishing stories from a blog that I personally feel is very important in society right now: it’s called Woman in Photography. Run by Nicole Struppert, this blog looks to showcase some of the best work from women photographers and is looking to expand and feature more photographers overall. This story about Juliette Mansour is being run with permission from Nicole and the images are being republished with the permission of Juliette.

If you believe in equality, I strongly suggest you go over there and check the website out.

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Women in Photography: Anita Lee | Tokyo

This is a guest blog post from Women in Photography. All images by Anita Lee and this post was done by Nicole Struppert.

MODEL   Marina
MAKEUP   Ryan Han

Hello Anita, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m 100% made in China from the Guang Dong province. After studying at an art school, I prefered to stay in Japan. Now I am working as an assistant in a photography studio.

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Women in Photography: Dasha Pears | HELSINKI

This is a syndicated blog post from Women in Photography. It is being republished with permission from Nicole Struppert. All images by Dasha Pears, used with permission.

Hello Dasha, thanks for submitting your work! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi, and thanks for your interest to my photography! I’m a conceptual photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. I’m self-taught, mostly. I use photography for expressing myself. I’m not documenting reality, I’m documenting myself and my imagination in my photos.

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Héléne Veilleux | France

This is a syndicated blog post from Women in Photography. The content is being used with permission from Nicole Struppert. The images are being used with permission from Héléne Veilleux.

Hello Héléne, tell us a little bit about yourself and when did you first become interested in photography?

In my case it was a kind of inverse movement. I started as a photo model in 2011 and quickly moved to the other side of the camera. As an introvert and very shy person I discovered that photography could be a powerful language to explore my own obsessions.

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Women in Photography: Alexia Zuniga | Mexico City (NSFW)

This is a syndicated blog post interview from Women in Photography, run by Nicole Struppert. The content is being republished with permission from Alexia Zuniga via Nicole Struppert.

Hello Alexia, when did you first become interested in photography?

I’ve always been interested in images. I used to paint a lot when I was a child. At family events,  parties or birthdays, I was always played with the camera and took pictures.

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Amy Kanka Valadarsky: Black and White Fine Art Photography (NSFW)

Misthaven #1 (lost in thoughts)

This is a syndicated blog post from Women in Photography. It and the images here are being used with permission. All images by Amy Kanka Valadarsky. All text by Nicole Struppert.

If you haven’t checked out Nicole Struppert’s new blog called Women in Photography, then you really should. The site is dedicated to featuring, well, women in photography. But it also focuses on delivering and showcasing incredible work.

In this post, Nicole features the work of Amy Kanka Valadarsky. Check it out!

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New Website Focuses on Women in Photography

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.42.58 AM

Photogapher Nicole Struppert has created a brand new website highlighting and showcasing women in photography. The website:, works with female photographers to specifically feature their work. “The idea came up when felt that female photographers are under represented in the world of photography.” says Nicole in an email to the Phoblographer. “There are brilliant female artists and it is time to show the world that women have a great eye and instinct for photography.”

The design is quite simple and uses the interview format to give us more of a peek into their mindset, mannerism and thought processes. While doing that, the layout emphasizes the photos these women have created.

Lots of the work is rather beautiful–which only goes further to show that Nicole’s creative eye is quite good at selecting subjects. Indeed, I interviewed Nicole a while back about her urban geometry photos.

Check the site out when you get a chance!