White Flames: The Aurora Borealis in Monochrome

All images by Joni Niemelä. Used with permission.

“Northern lights in black and white with a hint of toning were on my mind for a long time until last fall I got to finally create this series.” says Joni Niemelä. His work has been featured here on the Phoblographer before, but his Northern Lights images aren’t his true creative self. Instead, he explains that his other series called White Flames is more in line with his thought process. “I wanted to bring out more the shapes and luminosity of the Aurora Borealis and I think monochrome is the best method to do that. When you take out one element (colors) one can focus more on these features of the photo.”

This segment of Joni’s work has a lot to do with the reflections. Combined with the monochrome appearance, his photos become purely about the use of space and shapes in the scene. Then consider the almost cyanotype processing and you’ve got something even more intriguing.

While he hasn’t continued to work on this series, the ideas here have translated into a new series called Eternal Silence.

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