Long Term Comparison Review: Nikon D5100 vs Canon T3i

We finished reviewing the Nikon D5100 and after using that camera and it’s main competitor, the Canon T3i, for a long time it is now time for a full on comparison review. Though I’ve personally purchased the D5100, it is because I’m already fully invested into Canon’s system and I need to build up a Nikon system in order to review more products for this site.

With that said, which one is right for you: The Canon T3i or Nikon D5100?

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Should I Buy An f/2.8 Or f/4.0 Lens?

Which Should I Buy

Which Should I Buy

This is a question we hear quite often here at The Phoblographer. Both f-stops are very popular and are on many of todays most popular lenses. Of course if this was the only factor to the question, my answer would be hands-down the 2.8 since it is a full stop faster than the other. But it’s not quite that simple is it?

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Canon 60D gets its butt kicked by the Sony Alpha 55 & Nikon D90

DxOMark consists of a comprehensive RAW-based image quality Measurement Database and a set of Scores to evaluate and compare digital cameras and lenses

As a Nikon D90owner it gives me pleasure to see a new camera, like the Canon 60Dget ‘owned’ by my not so new Nikon D90. This information comes from DXo Mark. Canon users, I’m ready for your extreme dislike.

As far as the sensor goes, though, on DxOMark.com they compared the Nikon D90, Sony Alpha 55 and the Canon EOS 60D. The 60D did not perform as well as the Sony which had an overall score of 73 and the Nikon which also had an overall score of 73. The Canon 60D scored only 66. The site only measures sensor performance, not the overall camera. The 60D had a more solid body, and like the a55, a rotating LCD screen—which is a must for video capabilities.

We recently did a post comparing the Canon 60D, T2i and 7D. For what it’s worth, Chris swears by his 7D.

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Which One Should I Get?: Canon S95 vs Panasonic LX-5K


Both the Canon S95and the Panasonic LX-5are available for purchase now at Amazon and readers may perhaps be confused as to which one to get. Though we do not have image quality comparisons to show (and we’ve only handled the S95 and the Leica D-LUX 4 which compares to the LX-3) we can compare and contrast specs.

Editor’s Note: Reviews of both cameras have been fully completed.

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