The Pentax WG-2 in a Child’s Hands: Sample Pics

We have been torturing the Pentax WG-2 and putting it through its paces. We had the idea of putting the camera in the hands of my kids to see if they could do it some harm. But something else happened, something that surprised me. When I put the Pentax WG-2 in my kid’s hands to test its durability, I did not know they would like it so much.

After a quick lesson on how to take pictures with it, we did some family chores .The camera was dropped and fought over. However they got some shots. Their pics are unedited, just watermarked.

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Attempting to Break the Pentax WG-2: The Sink Test

Pentax recently sent me the WG-2 rugged camera to test. In the period of the next month, I will be conducting various tests and shooting videos of them to see if the camera survives the hell that I try to put it through.

For the first test, I simply drowned it in a sink in both underwater video mode and normal video mode. Check out the video after the jump as well as one of the first stills I shot with the camera.

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