Creating the Photograph: Stéphane Pironon’s “Weightlessness”

En apesanteur - Sept 2012 - 8843 HD

Editor’s Note: Creating the Photograph is a new series that we’re starting where we interview photographers all about the photo that they shot and talk to them about how it was achieved. The results are some knowledge passed onto you. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

We’re doing this series twice this week because we missed last week. Sorry folks! Anyway, there are some photos that are a heck of a lot more clever than we ever thought. Then when we find out how they were done, we say to ourselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Upon searching for the word, “Strobist” on 500px, I came across Stéphane Pironon’s “Weightlessness.” The image looked so simple but I couldn’t totally figure out how it was done. He did this photo when he was a member of the Strobi team, Stéphane is quite a photographer himself and has some excellent fashion work along with other photographs.

Here’s his story. And if you’re interested check out more in our Creating the Photograph series.

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