Reuters Drops North American Sports Photographers, Informs Them Through Grapevine


The world of photography is getting crazier. In what could be considered a D*#@ move, Reuters has decided to use USA Today Sports Images instead of using its freelance pool of sports photographers. Those who were contracted have been contacted with Reuters by way of phone calls or having to call and ask. As of September 15 2013, 30-50 photographers are being reassigned off the sports beat into other areas. In their original contract National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and National Basketball Association games were covered by these freelance photographers. They will still be able to shoots sports internationally. This is a developing situation as clients of Reuters as well as photographers are still being notified.

Via FStoppers and NPPA

Cotton Carrier Announces New Hand Strap with Arca Swiss Plate


Hand straps are meant for the photographer that prefers to hold their camera in their hand and not get tangled up in a big, long neck strap. Cotton Carrier has had their hand strap out for a while, but today they’re announcing a version with an Arca Swiss Plate that goes into the camera’s tripod socket via a 1/4 20 screw.

The Cotton Carrier hand strap has adjustable velcro and the plate is made of anodized aluminum. In real life use, this will mean that you can put the camera right onto your tripod head without needing to take off the strap at all. That’s pretty darn nifty for sports photographers on the go.

The new Cotton Carrier Hand Strap goes for $19.95, there is still no word on a release date yet.

Hands On: Canon 1D X

Tonight, I was able to receive hands on time with the newly announced Canon 1D X DSLR camera. This is Canon’s top notch professional level DSLR. We previously wrote about all you really need to know about the camera. So is it worth trading in your Canon 5D Mk II for?

Note: I was dealing with a pre-production unit. Also, thanks to Eric Reagan at Photography Bay for holding the camera in front of his face for me. I used to work for Eric, so you should check his site out as well.

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