Landscape Photography Tips for Beginners

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SLRLounge recently released a snippet from a premium tutorial video of theirs that details a bunch of really simple landscape photography tips. The video talks about a couple of things that many people, even more experienced shooters don’t do. They start out by encouraging you to set up your framing for the scene first and being very careful and meticulous about it. But the real meat of the video has to do with your exposures. They state that you should slow down the shutter speed and lower the ISO–which is fine if you want to create a dreamy scene with exaggerated motion. But if you don’t want to do that, then shoot at a faster shutter speed.

They also talk a bit about apertures, but we feel that they should have spent more time on them–they’re really important when it comes to shooting landscapes.

The video on landscape photography tips is after the jump.

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