The 150 Megapixel Phase One XT Camera Travels Well for $56,900

The Phase One XT promises to take landscape photography to new heights.

Phase One is known for creating super high Megapixel Medium Format cameras that are designed to be used in studios. You can, of course, take the previous Phase One Medium Formant cameras into the great outdoors too, but the new 150 Megapixel Phase One XT is small enough to be carried by those who don’t lift weights regularly. You may not need to be strong to use the XT, but your wallet needs to be ready for some heavy lifting. The new Phase One XT is being billed as a travel-ready, digitally integrated field camera that will bring landscape photography to a whole new level. With a 150 Megapixel Full Frame (645) Medium Format sensor onboard, it’s hard to see how this won’t be the case.

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