Pete Barrett: Documenting The Perilous Training of the US Coast Guard

All images by Pete Barrett. Used with Permission.

Pete Barrett’s work remains a favorite of ours for his striking storytelling and visual style. Following our feature on his American Worker Project and a closer look at his image for a Travelocity ad campaign, we present another of his story-driven, documentary work. In his action-packed photo essay titled So That Others May Live, Pete captured the perilous training of the Coast Guard members stationed at Cape Disappointment. What was initially meant as an addition to the ongoing American Worker Project became a separate body of work with a compelling narrative of its own.

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Documenting the Life of the American Worker

All images by Pete Barrett. Used with permission.

Photographer Pete Barrett has created imagery for a virtual who’s who list of creatives, advertising agencies and clients on a national level. He’s been shooting for two decades and has won a large number of awards. His work includes people, lifestyle, sports, and trying to get scenes in the most natural and organic way possible.

So it comes with no surprise that his project “The American Worker” is making the rounds right now. Pete tells us that it was a branch from another project; and that it really came about during his travels. The main idea, to Pete, is to meet loads of different folks and document all walks of life.

In some ways, you can call it a blend of photography and sociology.

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