The Reflex Film SLR is Here with an Interchangeable Mount System!

The Reflex camera is the first new film SLR in years to come to life

It’s time to get very, very excited in the world of film photography. For the first time in many years, we’re getting a brand new film SLR camera. Reflex has teased their appearance for a while now and today on Kickstarter we’re getting a brand new camera with an M42 mount and a whole lot more. You see, the Reflex camera is a brand new 35mm film SLR camera that takes things a step beyond. It’s primarily an M42 mount camera but the mount is apparently interchangeable. It can use Canon FD, Nikon F?, Olympus OM or Pentax PK glass with the right plate. Then there’s the back, which comes off in the same way that medium format cameras have interchangeable backs so to speak. But then things are taken even a step further.

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