Jamie Saechao: Striving for Elegance in Wedding Photography

All images by text by Jamie Saechao. Used with permission.

I fell in love with photography while working at a job I absolutely hated! Sometimes you have to find what you don’t love to do in order to discover what your true calling is. I needed a creative outlet and photography allowed me to express myself, connect with others, and feel alive again. I especially loved connecting with other women, celebrating their beauty, and building confidence through portraiture.

I strive to create images that are elegant, timeless, and romantic. I feel most accomplished when I’ve created a portrait that makes someone stop and look a second time… although to be honest I think those images come to you, in the midst of creating. It’s something you have to wait patiently for.

I have also found great joy in documenting nature on film…there is a certain joy in capturing the beauty and simplicity of combining the two!

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Medium Format Film Cameras With Autofocus For Beginners

So previously we have talked about some great budget medium format film camera options for those on a budget, but all of those cameras were manual focus only. Today we wanted to bring a few options into focus that feature something that many of you can’t live without – Autofocus.

There are a few things about AF with these cameras that needs to be said. It’s not lightning fast, but it is pretty accurate. Just don’t expect to get the sort of AF performance that you get these days, these camera are decades old after all, AF technology has advanced quite a bit. That said, if you manage your expectations, you should have no problem getting great AF results using these cameras. Continue reading…