Peak Design Announces Improvements to the Everyday Messenger V2

Peak Design gives the beautiful Everyday Messenger a number of upgrades that should make it an even better choice for an everyday camera bag.

In need of a new camera bag and still haven’t picked one? Peak Design’s popular Everyday Messenger bag could be worth considering, especially since the company has added some interesting upgrades. The eye-catching bag, said to be “made for creatives, travelers, commuters and everyone in-between”, already had some nifty features prior to the upgrade, so those who loved it should really be excited about the V2.

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The 13′ Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag is a Reality

Peak Design’s EveryDay Messenger Bag is a hit with a lot of folks, and they’ve now got it in a 13 inch edition. The original was able to accommodate a 15 inch laptop The bag was designed in collaboration with Trey Ratcliff and pretty much does everything that the original bag did. It has weather resistance, the awesome MagLatch closing clasp, and easy conversion into a sling.

The bag is really designed for those of you who sling the bag around your left shoulder. For the rest of us, we’re kind of out of luck–as per what I found in my review.

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Be sure to also check out our Kickstarter!

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