It’s Possible to Hack Mirrorless Cameras Being Used as Webcams

We spoke to two experts, and they’ve got some similar feelings on Webcam security.

The safety of your webcam is a big deal. In fact, it’s bigger now more than ever. With lots of us doing zoom calls and all, you’re probably using your dedicated camera. It surely makes you stand out. Believe it or not, this opens it up to possible hacks. And according to experts, we’ve got to be a bit more mindful.

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How the Smartphone Won the Consumer Camera War Using Social Media

The smartphone won the consumer camera war; today, both smartphones and traditional cameras tend to copy one another.

Back in 2011, the first sentence of a Panasonic press release related the size of the Panasonic GF3 to the size of a smartphone. In hindsight, this tells us that they knew that the end of consumer cameras was coming. The sentence reads, “Panasonic today announces its latest compact system camera (CSC), the mirror-free Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF3 is the company’s smallest and lightest digital interchangeable lens camera with a built-in flash*1, with its body size comparable to that of a smartphone and weighing just 7.83oz (body only), less than a standard 8oz cup of coffee.” Previously, smartphones were never even mentioned in press releases for traditional cameras. It was also around this time that manufacturers started to admit to us that they were losing the war to smartphones that were killing their point and shoots. Indeed, many manufacturers have discontinued the majority of their compact camera lineup. The camera manufacturers just couldn’t keep up–many of them couldn’t shoot an image, apply a filter with a touchscreen, and then upload immediately to their favorite web service. Instead, they all decided to make apps for smartphone systems. And perhaps that’s how they knew it was the start of the tunnel collapsing.

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