Excellent Black and White Film Photography That Will Inspire You

Film photography still has its place in the modern world. While the capabilities of digital cameras continue to improve, some people prefer to stick with the basic tools needed to create photographs. We’re big fans of that here at The Phoblographer. And we especially enjoy looking at black and white film photography; it feels like the imagery is in its purest form. If you’re looking for some inspiration to pick up an analog camera, you’ve come to the right place. The photographers below offer work that will make you want to go out and shoot.

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Paulo Monteiro Reveals the Rituals and Soul of Azores on Kodak Tri-X

All images by Paulo Monteiro. Used with permission.

Wherever people settled and built towns and cities, they also crafted their collective spirit on myths, stories, and rituals. We can say that many street and documentary photographers have made it their mission to uncover these elements through their work. One of them is self-taught photographer Paulo Monteiro, who has been documenting his town, the autonomous region of Azores in Portugal.

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