How Abhishek Yellapu Found the Perfect Pocket Camera

All images by Abhishek Yellapu. Used with permission.

“The camera really helps focus my energy in a way that is calming yet exciting for me,” explains photographer Abhishek Yellapu to us in an interview. “I took a few long exposure shots (with an ND filter held up to the phone’s camera lenses), and they were pretty impressive, never would have imagined taking decent long exposure shots with a phone camera.” Abhishek isn’t necessarily new to photography. In fact, it’s in his family’s blood. But he’s in love with his Sony Xperia 1 II. As his companion camera, it’s helped him document so many of his fun activities through life.

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Photographer Stefan Panaitescu Has Never Used Photoshop In His Life

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My name is Panaitescu Stefan, and I never used Photoshop in my life. And I’m not even going to give you time to recover from the shock and keep going with it. More than 90% of the pictures I’ve used on my social media, site, published articles, social media features were jpeg edits. Not until recently (September) did I ever use filters, masks, brushes in my pictures, and even though I am starting to use how to learn them, what I post on the internet are still tweaked jpegs.

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I’m a Professional Photographer and I Never Feel Like I Need a Holiday

Who needs a holiday when you have one of the best jobs in the world?

Whatever type and style of photography that you do, you can’t deny that working as a photographer is an unbelievable experience with its ups and downs like every other job but, unlike any other job, most of us choose to become a photographer and be it for the lifestyle of a fashion photographer, the experiences of a photojournalist, or the flavours of a food photographer, we chose to get into our niche because we love what we do. Who would ever want to have a break from that?

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About Passion and How it Doesn’t Pay the Bills as a Photographer

Passion for a photographer comes in two different flavors.

Let me tell you a little bit about passion and what I’ve learned about it. Nowadays, everyone has a passion for something: every entrepreneurial story begins because of passion and every photographer turns their hobby into a business because of passion. Passion is fine: there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about what we don But passion didn’t land astronauts on the moon, the Berlin Wall didn’t fall because of passion, and definitely, passion doesn’t pay the bills when you’re trying to make a living as a full-time photographer – enthusiasm, commitment, and discipline do.

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Don’t Focus on the Money, Focus on YOUR Passion

Dollars and cents, it’s easy to get caught up, but remember that your passion should come first.

Now, this isn’t 100% photography related because it has to do mainly with Youtube’s new monetization scheme. If you were unaware, the new scheme means most low subscriber (sub-1,000) and low watch hour (sub 4,000 hours) accounts will no longer be able to monetize their videos. It has a lot of people in that community, and by extension the photo community (because a lot of you utilize the platform for a variety of reasons) up in arms.

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