Photographer Ben Franke on the Thrill of Parkour Photography

“Safety is the number one priority when shooting and I always leave it up to the athlete if they want to do the jump or not,” Photographer Ben Franke tells us about photographing parkour. Ben, like many other photographers, loves his Leica. His work is proof that the decisive moment isn’t just limited to the M-series. But there’s an entire backstory to how Ben gets his shots. And as he tells us, there can be a long time between getting the location and the shoot just right.

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Ugnė Vedeckytė Captures the Meaning of Parkour in this Amazing Series

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“Yes. For me, this movement is purely about a very close community,” says action photographer Ugnė Vedeckytė. She continues, “it’s about street culture and our instincts: the need for self-realization, challenging ourselves, and our need to constantly move.” In her latest series, Vedeckytė aimed to communicate all that Parkour is through a range of action-filled images. It’s something a little different from what we’re used to, partially because of the fisheye effect. Naturally, we were excited to share it with you. So lock yourself in, and don’t worry about jumping off any walls or rooftops. This interview will give you all the thrill and adrenaline you need!

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This Shoot Makes Athletes Play With a Fireball

All images by Ray Demski. Used with permission.

“I always try to keep shooting personal work, and coming up with new ideas (of stuff) I’d like to shoot…” says photographer Ray Demski about his Fireball photo project. “Sometimes just throwing out crazy, often impossible ideas until something sticks.” For Fireball, he put some thought into how he could take freestyle football (or soccer as we call it in the US) to the next level. Then he thought about using a fireball.

“A fireball.. that would be spectacular.. and difficult,” Ray thought to himself. “…a lot of research and a month later I was doing the first tests with our SFX coordinator, it was amazing!”

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Ben Franke Mixes Parkour with Powder


All images by Ben Franke. Used with permission.

Photographer Ben Franke is a New York-based German/American photographer and his work focuses on movement across a range of athletic disciplines. A new project of his called Parkour Motion is on display at the Leica Gallery Soho here in NYC. Essentially, he’s been photographing the athletes in attempt to capture the energy of the sport in a single still image.

Ben found that the best way to do this involved powder and flash.

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Watch a Jedi Do Parkour in the Desert


What’s better than Star Wars Jedis doing awesome things? Jedis doing parkour in the desert combined with amazing production: that’s what! According to Laughing Squid, “Stunt coordinator Ronnie Shalvis and director Cameron Manwaring have created “Star Wars Parkour,” a video of Jedi performing impressive free running stunts.”

Ronnie states that they’re on Mars, but they obviously really aren’t–they’re actually in Goblin Valley over in Utah. It was shot with a Phantom camera and

To be honest, it also reminds us a bit of the movie Dune where Paul Atreides took time to go into the desert to train. Both the behind the scenes video and the original are right after the jump.

Via Laughing Squid

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Cotton Carrier: The Action Hero is the Dumbest and Most Brilliant Product Video We’ve Seen in a While

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 9.04.53 AM

One of the very first products that we reviewed on this website was the Cotton Carrier. And though I could never personally warm up to it, I have to admit that it did a pretty solid job at what it did after some refinements. Seemingly late for Comic Con, the company decided to pay homage to Spider Man in their latest product video demonstration–except that its freakin’ awesomely cheesy and awesome. It even involves a parkour artist showing off just how sturdy the Carrier is.

The company is encouraging people to share it via Facebook–where you might win a $300 gift certificate to one of their retail partners.

The video is after the jump. Get ready to have your socks knocked off.

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