Photographer Matt Jackisch Creates Beautiful Visual Masterpieces

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“I first picked up a digital camera strictly to learn how to delete embarrassing photos of myself off of them,” photographer Matt Jackisch jokes with us in an interview. “Once I understood the basics, I started traveling with one. I really took to the story-telling aspect of photography.” Matt is the past winner of the Epson International Pano Awards. And of course, he creates stunning panoramic images. So we spoke to him about how he does it and his creative vision.

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Cezary Bartczak’s Custom Pinhole Cameras Are Beautifully Unique

We got to chat with Cezary Bartczak, a craftsman of pinhole cameras that are simply stunning.

“When customers from all continents send me sample images or links with pictures taken with cameras made with my own hands, it’s a great feeling, and I’m very proud of that,” says Cezary Bartczak, a maker of pinhole cameras who hails from Poland. A couple of weeks ago, we were introduced to this wonderful craftsman. When we dug a little deeper into Cezary’s work, we were blown away by his craftsmanship and the passion he has for his work. Immediately, we knew we had to have a sit down with him to find out more. Come find out about the world of custom camera making and what drives Cezary to make incredibly unique pinhole cameras.

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EPSON Pano Awards 2019 Sees First Female Photographer Winner

This year’s EPSON International Pano Awards celebrates a decade of recognizing the excellence of panoramic photographers worldwide, and the competition’s first female Photographer of the Year.

The EPSON International Pano Awards, the world’s biggest competition for panoramic photography, celebrates two important milestones this year: its 10th year of putting the spotlight on outstanding panoramic photographers around the world, and the first female photographer to bag the top spot in the competition. If you’d like to get into panoramic photography and be inspired by impressive work, the winning snaps are worth a look.

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The 10th EPSON International Pano Awards Is Now Open for Entries

Professional and amateur photographers around the world are invited to submit their best panoramic photography to the 10th EPSON International Pano Awards.

Above: 2018 Amateur Landscapes Winner Nathaniel Merz (Daedunsan, South Korea)

If panoramic photography is your craft and passion, you might want to catch up with your pending projects or dust off your drives for your best work so far. Now on its 10th year, the EPSON International Pano Awards continues with its dedication to showcase outstanding work by amateur and professional panoramic photographers across the globe. In this run, the world’s biggest panoramic photography contest will be giving away $50,000 in cash and prizes.

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