Review Update! The Panasonic S1 is Still Not Better Than the S5

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We’ve updated our Panasonic S1 review recently. We’ve found the camera to greatly improve overall. If you own the Panasonic S1, you’ll get more for your money. If you don’t own the Panasonic S1, there’s still no major reason for you to buy one. In fact, I’d tell you to instead reach for the Panasonic S5. In our tests, the Panasonic S5 still performed better than the Panasonic S1 when autofocusing. Those are some of the biggest changes that came to the S1 with the recent firmware update. So we’re going to dive into it.

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After the New Update, the Panasonic S1 Seems to Be the Best Webcam

Our Panasonic S1 review has been updated to reflect new changes.

Panasonic is a company I thought would’ve been the first to figure out this whole webcam hack situation. They were behind all the other folks, but it was very worth the wait. Today, we’re announcing an update to our Panasonic S1 review. The camera has received firmware updates massively improving the autofocus. The professional photographer it was targeted to now has something very usable. However, you’ll get the best results with the Panasonic Lumix S Pro lenses. Further, we’ve still found problems in low light, and this is all across the board for Panasonic products, even with the new S5.

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